Speech Language Pathology (B.A.)

Columbia College’s Speech Language Pathology Program is currently a four-year undergraduate program preparing speech-language pathology students to further their education in a speech-language pathology graduate program or become a speech-language pathology assistant. The SLP Program provides a didactic learning environment characterized by academic education and clinical experiences. Students’ complete coursework related to the acquisition of speech, language, and hearing. Academic coursework also focuses on the nature, prevention, evaluation, and treatment of communication disorders. Scenario-based learning is embedded into the classroom instruction using projects/ observations and computer-based simulations. Scenario-based learning challenges students to use application, analytical and critical thinking skills to solve problems presented as scenarios. It prepares students for the transition into the clinical education component. Students must attain competency with these pre-clinical skills prior to the clinical experiences, which are arranged through affiliations with local schools, private practices, and clinical facilities. Students must successfully complete all Special Requirements in order to matriculate through the entire SLP program.

During clinical experiences, students may earn sufficient direct therapy hours to be eligible for a SLPA license, but all students should be aware that a Master’s degree in speech-language pathology or communication sciences and disorders is necessary to become an autonomous professional (i.e. Speech Language Pathologist). Click here to find out more about Credential Options for SLPs in South Carolina.

The mission of the speech pathology program at Columbia College is to prepare students for the field of speech-language pathology within a liberal arts foundation. The vision and mission of the speech-language pathology program are aligned with those of the Division of Education, the Women’s College and the institution of Columbia College. Students are educated to meet all standards in preparation for entry into the field of communication disorders. Through a variety of experiences and academic coursework, students will be prepared to serve a culturally diverse society in various employment settings. The faculty will mentor students as they prepare to become reflective practitioners, lifelong learners, leaders, and critical thinkers prepared for serving people of all ages with communication disorders.

To provide a broad understanding of the nature, prevention, and treatment of communication disorders using a didactic (academic and clinical education) educational model. Students will be prepared to excel as SLPAs and in graduate programs while fulfilling a humanitarian need to (re)habilitate children and adults with communication and cognitive disabilities.

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Student Outcome Data

Clinical Hours Request Form

Students are responsible for keeping and filing documentation of observation and therapy hours completed in the SLP program with Columbia College. These are important documents that students will need to have in hand for documentation of hours for graduate school and licensure. Although we make every effort to assist in tracking hours and filing copies of these forms in candidate files, if a student has not filed these in our office as requested, they will not be on file in the future.

If the SLP alumnae has filed the appropriate documentation while attending Columbia College and wishes to have a copy from Columbia College files, a handling fee of $10.00 is required to have these mailed. Click the link on the side to obtain the Clinical Hours Request form. Complete the form and include the correct payment. A copy of your direct therapy/ diagnostic contact hour sheets will be sent to address entity that you indicate. Remember that SC Labor Licensure Board requires that these hours be sent directly to their office.

For More Information
If you would like more information on the Speech-Language Profession visit http://columbiasc.edu/academics/division-programs/speech-language-pathology/or if you have questions about the Speech-Language Pathology Program at Columbia College, please contact:

Dr. Regina Lemmon, CCC-SLP
803-786-3034 (fax)