Public Relations (B.A. degree)

Public Relations (B.A. degree)


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  • Public Relations

Columbia College has expanded its popular minor in Public Relations to include a new major in Public Relations, in response to student interest and demands of the marketplace. A degree in this rewarding field leads to career opportunities and lays a strong foundation for graduate study.

Our new PR major prepares students for entry-level positions in corporations, non-profits, and PR agencies. It is a rewarding, lucrative, and flexible career for entrepreneurs, too. Often the ability to consult independently appeals particularly to women who desire a career enhanced by a work-life balance. PR offers this choice.

The PR minor is a valuable addition to a major in Business, Communication, English, Journalism, Information Technology, and Political Science.

PR jobs are readily available in South Carolina, across the country, and around the globe. In the U.S., jobs requiring public relations skills are slated to increase 23% through 2020. Women now comprise 70% of the PR workforce, including 30% of top positions in global firms. Salaries have risen significantly in recent years, and the gap between salaries for men and women is narrower than in many fields.

PR practitioners are life-long learners who like to stay up-to-date on current events and use their strong oral and written communication and relationship-building skills. A career in PR appeals to students who enjoy learning new information, staying abreast of technology, following emerging trends, and collaborating with other creative decision-makers.

Our courses teach the fundamentals of the field and include case studies and real-world applications. All PR majors participate in one or more internships in the field. We also encourage minors to participate in an internship.

PR is a rewarding and creative field and is valued for its strategic contributions in both business and non-profit sectors.