Nursing (B.S.N. degree)

Columbia College has three pathways to obtain your BSN degree:  If you are already an Associate Degree RN with a license, you may take the RN to BSN Completion program in the Women’s College, Evening College or totally online. Depending on the credit hours you transfer in, you may be able to complete your Bachelor’s degree in as little as 12 months!

If you are just beginning your career and want to go into nursing, Columbia College offers a traditional 4-year BSN degree program either in the Women’s College or in the Evening College in collaboration with our partner, Midlands Technical College Nursing Program.  This is an exciting program as it allows students to also earn an Associate Degree in Nursing while they complete their Bachelor’s degree.  If you’re coming straight out of high school, you will complete the program in a traditional 4 year, 15 week semester cohort.  You will be dually admitted to both Columbia College and Midlands Technical College and complete courses on both campuses.  The simulation laboratories, skills labs and clinical rotations will be done through Midlands Technical College.  Upper level nursing courses and some general education requirements will be taken at Columbia College.  Students have the option to live on campus for the entire 4 years should they wish to do so.  The Associate Degree in Nursing is awarded by Midlands Technical College and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is awarded by Columbia College.

All Nursing program courses are taught by experienced Nurses and healthcare professionals.