Middle Level Education

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The Middle Level Education program seeks to prepare teacher candidates to be effective classroom teachers of grades 5-8. Graduates of the program will be educators who embody the attitudes and skills of dedicated professionals and are committed to working with others to provide a quality education for young students. Middle level majors are involved in early and on-going experiences in exemplary classrooms and other settings, learning to work both independently and collaboratively to affect positive change in schools and society. The Education Division provides opportunities for future teachers to collaborate and exercise leadership in their careers

For questions, please contact Dr. Marla Sanders, Coordinator of the Middle Level, at (803)786-3067 or msanders@nullcolumbiasc.edu.


Middle level education majors may choose one or two areas of concentration in English, Social Sciences, Science, and Mathematics.

Columbia College Middle level education majors have a 100% job placement rate for 16-17 schoolyear.

B.A. in Middle Level Education

Major Courses (30 semester hours):

  • EDU 150
  • EDU 211
  • EDU 283
  • EDU 318
  • EDU 379
  • EDU 381
  • EDU 385
  • SPED 332
  • 6 (s.h.) from EDU 420N, 420E, 420M, and/or 420S.

Candidates must also take the following 15 hours in Professional Education: EDU 260, 360, 485LS, and 486LS.

| Bachelor of Arts |