Media Writing

Bachelor of Arts | Minor


Interest in what’s happening in our community, state, region, and nation hasn’t gone away. But how we get information—from a newspaper on the kitchen table or from an iPhone in our hands—is changing rapidly. Our Media Writing Program students engage with the latest technology while gaining time-tested interviewing, storytelling, and editing skills that put them on track for careers in journalism, digital video, social media management, and web publishing.


Exciting Internships that Lead to Careers

Internships allow students to gain new skills, network, find mentors, and experience the real world of the professional field they have chosen. Students with internship experience have a much better chance of landing a job upon graduation—often, right where they interned.

  • Olivia filmed, edited, and produced content for the WIS-TV daily news report and, immediately after graduation, was hired by a major Florida television station. She is now a news editor for that station.
  • Kelli assisted the South Carolina Film Office in updating their location directories. She is now earning a PhD in London.
  • Vicki interned as a public relations writer for the Central SC Cobras, a new semiprofessional women’s soccer team and was offered a job with the team before graduation.
  • Sjaan filmed and edited alongside an SCETV video producer, garnering credits on a feature-length film for her exceptional video editing skills
  • Valarie researched and wrote publicity materials for the Historic Columbia Foundation.
  • Giesela worked in every aspect of the publishing industry at Layman Poupard, Inc., and was offered a job with BCL upon graduation.
  • Krystle interned for Gamecock Productions, where she filmed and edited sports highlights.

Program Coordinator:  Prof. Emily S. Ward, B.A., M.A.,

B.A. in Media Writing

Major Courses:

  • English 205 Mass Communication
  • Writing 150 Blogging
  • Writing 200 Introduction to Reporting
  • Writing 202 Introduction to Copyediting
  • Writing 207 Social Media and Technology
  • Writing 350 Introduction to Digital Video
  • Writing 355 Media Ethics and Law
  • Writing 495 Senior Seminar

At least three hours of Writing 222 and one three-credit internship in Writing

Four additional courses (may include an additional internship) from the following:

  • PR 360 Writing for Public Relations
  • PR 415 Intermediate Public Relations Writing
  • WRIT 210 Advanced Composition
  • WRIT 305 Writing for Business and Public Affairs
  • WRIT 325 Feature Writing
  • WRIT 330 Writing for Digital Media
  • WRIT 340 Methods of Teaching Writing
  • WRIT 346 Intro to Writing Short Fiction
  • WRIT 347 Intro to Writing Poetry
  • WRIT 348 Intro to Writing Creative Nonfiction
  • WRIT 402 Micro- and Macro-Editing
  • WRIT 405 Intermediate Reporting
  • WRIT 425 Intermediate–Level Digital Video

Media Writing Minors

In order to obtain a Minor in either Writing, Creative Writing, or Public Relations a student must complete 20 hours in the specified categories.


Any five WRIT courses from the list below; may also include PR 360

Creative Writing

WRIT 346: Intro to Writing Short Fiction, WRIT 347: Intro to Writing Poetry, and WRIT 348: Intro to Writing Creative Nonfiction, plus six semester hours of independent study during which time the student will produce a book-length manuscript of creative work.

Public Relations

PR 260 Principles of Public Relations
PR 360 Writing and Campaigns
COMM 310 Persuasion, plus two courses from the major options.

Bachelor of Arts | Minor