Human Services (B.A.)

Human services professionals work in a variety of for-profit, non-profit, healthcare, and government sectors; they may also be employed in the helping professions (such as counseling and social work). Job outlook for Human Services professionals is favorable – according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession is expected to grow by 25% from 2010-2020.

The B.A. program in Human Services builds upon the academic and hands-on experiences gained with an Associate’s Degree in Human Services. The bachelor’s program completes the academic training required for careers in Human Services that can bring positive change to many populations. A Human Services professional may provide direct services to clients, supervise personnel, administer programs, and develop policies.

Degree Tracks

Students may choose from one of two tracks for the Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services: Counseling or Community and Organizational Leadership. The Counseling track prepares students for a wide range of careers in the helping professions. The Community and Organizational Leadership track supports careers in training/development, community/nonprofit administration, higher education, project management, and general business administration.

Program Requirements and Completion

In order to declare a Human Services major, students must have an Associate’s Degree in Human Services from a regionally accredited two year college. The Human Services program is offered as as an Associate’s to Bachelor’s (A2B) program on the main Columbia campus. It is also offered at off-site locations in a cohort model. Off-site A2B classes meet two nights a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-7:15 and 7:30-8:45. Off-site A2B students complete three courses per semester (including summers); the program is completed in six semesters.

Dr. Karen Thompson, Program Coordinator (main campus)
Wil Lou Gray 116
phone: 803-786-3634