Elementary Education

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The Columbia College Elementary Education program prepares elementary educators, who are collaborative professionals, to teach in grades 2-6 with the completion of a B.A. in Elementary Education. Over the years, the elementary education program has maintained a strong presence on campus with high numbers of majors and has built a strong reputation for providing well-trained teacher candidates. Elementary Education majors have a variety of backgrounds and learning experiences.  They share a commitment to teaching children and youth between the ages of 7 and 12.  Graduates of the Columbia College Elementary Education program demonstrate mastery of state and national standards for beginning teachers.  In addition, they meet the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) Standards for Elementary Education and receive a degree from an NCATE accredited program.

This program is also available in the Evening College for working professionals seeking a degree in Special Education.  Candidates in the Evening College must have enough work flexibility to be able to complete field requirements during the day, to include Directed Teaching, which is a 64 day full-time, in-school experience for all candidates.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact Dr. Jim Lane, jlane@nullcolumbiasc.edu.


Licensure in Elementary Education will certify a teacher in grades 2 – 6.

Coursework is available for additional areas of certification. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor to discuss add on opportunities.

B.A. in Elementary Education

Major Courses (44 semester hours required):

  • EDU 150 Introduction to the Profession of Teaching
  • EDU 210 Development and Learning: Birth through Age Eleven
  • EDU 318 Moral and Political Foundations of Teaching
  • EDU 328 Integrating Assessment and Instruction
  • EDU 329 Facilitating Learning Environments
  • EDU 354 Effective Science Strategies
  • EDU 357 Effective Health and Physical Education Strategies
  • EDU 361 Effective Social Studies Strategies
  • EDU 371 Foundations in Reading
  • EDU 372 Instructional Practices in Literacy
  • EDU 373 Reading and Writing Across the Content Areas
  • EDU 431 Effective Mathematics Strategies
  • EDU 452 Assessment of Literacy
  • MATH 119 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
  • SPED 332 Exceptional Learners

Field Placements (17 semester hours required):

  • EDU 160 Preparation for Careers in Education
  • EDU 260 Shadowing in Schools (Field Experience I)
  • EDU 360 Apprenticeship for Teaching (Field Experience II)
  • EDU 485LS Internship in Teaching (Directed Teaching)
  • EDU 486LS Professional Development and Teacher Leadership

| Bachelor of Arts |