Education Studies

|Bachelor of Arts|


The Education Studies degree is a non-certifying program within the Division of Education where students explore the foundations of education to include developmental psychology, political advocacy and instructional pedagogy while developing the dispositions of professionalism with an emphasis on effective communication, leadership and collaboration.


Graduates of the Education Studies program will be Collaborative Professionals who embody the knowledge, skills and dispositions as dedicated professionals committed to advocating for all learners. Common pathways following graduation include MAT graduate programs leading to certification, intervention/teaching in non-traditional educational settings, non-profit or social service agency employment.

For questions, please contact Dr. Tracy West, Chair of the Division of Education, 803-786-3320 or

B.A. in Education Studies

Major Courses (30 semester hours):

  • EDU 150
  • EDU 211
  • EDU 283
  • EDU 318
  • EDU 379
  • EDU 381
  • EDU 385
  • SPED 332
  • 6 (s.h.) from EDU 420N, 420E, 420M, and/or 420S.

Candidates must also take the following 15 (s.h.) in Professional Education: EDU 260, 360, 485LS, and 486LS.

|Bachelor of Arts|