Criminal Justice (B.A.)


Opportunities in public safety and law enforcement are growing rapidly, and higher education is the key to achieving higher earning potential and command level positions. A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is the standard for advancement in law enforcement, corrections, homeland security, emergency management and related areas.

The Criminal Justice program offers three tracks: General Criminal Justice, Leadership/Risk Management concentration, or Forensic concentration.

The program is designed with eight core CJ courses (below) including a laboratory course in crime scene investigation (forensic science). The General track allows flexibility for the remaining CJ major courses.

The Leadership/Risk Management concentration includes three Criminal Justice Leadership/Risk Management concentration courses and a Criminal Justice laboratory course.

The Forensic concentration includes laboratory courses in Forensic Toxicology, Forensic DNA, Fingerprint Recognition and Comparison (offered through the FBI), and Criminal Justice.

Core Courses (for all tracks)

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Forensic Science with Lab
Criminological Theory
Ethics in Criminal Justice
Statistics in Criminal Justice

Career Opportunities

Forensic Investigator
Correctional Officer
Bureau of Protective Services
Customs Agent
Homeland Security
Airport Security


Dr. D’Michelle DuPre, Criminal Justice Program Coordinator
Allison 216
phone: 803-786-3781