Discussion Topics


Discussion Topics for You and Your CC Student

College can be an overwhelming experience for both students and their families. However, there are a number of topics that you can discuss with your student to help both of you better understand the responsibilities of college. Below are some topics and corresponding questions that you may want to discuss with your student.

Academic Advisor

Has your daughter met with her advisors? Have they discussed courses for the upcoming semester? Have they talked about declaring an academic major? Does your student feel comfortable with her academic support?

Residence Halls

What can you do to help support her during her transition away from home? What are some of her likes and dislikes about her hall? Has she met with her Resident Academic Advisor (RAA) or Resident Advisor (RA)? Does your student have concerns about her residence hall, and if so, has she met with her RA or RAA?

Campus Involvement

What activities is your student involved in or interested in? Is she aware of the many campus traditions? How involved does you student want you to be and what can you do to match this expectation? Are you and your student aware of the variety of support available to her at Columbia College?


Does your student enjoy her classes? Does she feel academically challenged? Does she feel academically supported? What is her academic schedule and how can you help support her during busy times? Is she knowledgeable about her classes’ syllabi, as well as their policies on attendance and participation?

Academic Calendar

Do you and your student know when registration, midterm examinations, and final examinations are? Is your student aware of her last day to withdrawal without penalty from classes?

Financial Aid

Do you both understand the process for applying for financial aid? When is the deadline for FASFA paperwork and where can she get help completing this form? Are there other financial aid documents the college requires? How can you both look for the best way to afford her college education? What expenses other than tuition and room and board is your student encountering?

Student/Parent Rights

Federally, according to FERPA, what are your rights as a parent/family member and what are your student’s rights? What are your rights at the institution? On a personal level, what rights do you and your student see each other having?
Some information was adopted from: Smith, D. C. & Gordon, V. N. (2003). A family guide to academic advising. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina.