Steps in Transcendence Columbia College Senior BA Dance Capstone Concert

April 18th 2017

The Columbia College Dance Company presents the Senior BA Dance Capstone concert on Tuesday, April 18th at 7:30pm in Cottingham Theatre. The concert features original culminating projects by senior dance majors Jordan Boxley, Erica Cooper, Rekha Letsinger, and Starlitt Miller.

Jordan Boxley’s The Art of Worship, is a live depiction of the sacred communication between deity and the artistic mortal, through the interdisciplinary arts. This is an effort to reveal the inner most connection an artist has to their spiritual deity by using their craft and is dedicated to the spirit man within the artist.

Erica Cooper’s Powers for Good, was created to highlight the journey that humans take in order to acknowledge privilege and learn what responsibility is to individual communities because of that privilege. The work outlines the transformation from a self-focused world view, to engaging and understanding others, and to becoming a leader with an all-encompassing world view.

The Intentional and Unintentional by Starlitt Miller, is a study of three creative processes that she created to test, challenge and explore the outcome in a dance work. Miller expresses, “I am very curious about the process of creating artistic works. What is controlled, what is not and how that affects the outcome. As a dance artist, I found that I desired the integration of other art disciplines. I allowed and used a multi-layer of influences to be the ingredients of my creative process and used those layers to provoke embodiment in my work. Sometimes in order to access the depths of creativity and it’s free flow, structure is needed. A model, a method, a launching pad. My hypothesis is that in accessing a free flowing state of the creative process, the chances of rich material is birthed along with more opportunity for an intersection of creator and viewer to occur.”

“Alive” is Rekha Letsinger’s ongoing movement research inspired the lives of different people, the way time space is often perceived, as well as how those perceptions affect lived experiences. Letsinger articulates, “The narratives of our own experiences often collide with that of others, this phenomenon may give us a sense that on some level we are all connected. Although not intended to be particularly theatrical, the framework of this dance has been heavily inspired by the impacting drama of cinema.” Similar to how a film may move a viewer to excitement or tears, “Alive” intends to encourage audience members to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions, whilst empathizing with that of others.

Audiences are invited post-performance to join a discussion with the Choreographers about their work.

This is a FREE event. For reservations, call the Cottingham Theatre Box Office at (803)786-3850.