Columbia College named one of the Top 50 Best Small Colleges in the U.S.

Columbia College was named as being one of the Top 50 Best Small Colleges in the U.S. in our most recent ranking!

We gathered data from the National Center for Education Statistics regarding enrollment, retention, graduation rate, tuition, and degrees to narrow down the list to the top 50. These were ranked based on a scoring rubric based on 500-2000 undergraduate students, availability of campus housing, graduate degrees offered, over 50% graduation rate, no more than $30,000 tuition, a student to faculty ratio 15:1 or less, and a 74% or higher retention rate to give us the best small colleges our nation has to offer.

Columbia College, which ranked 28th, was recognized in part for The Institute for Leadership and Professional Excellence, which is unique to Columbia. It offers one-on-one coaching, professional development, leadership training and internship experiences starting from year one.

Best College Review knows that small colleges offer an opportunity for a close relationship with professors, a community where it is possible to recognize almost everyone on campus, and intimacy that is lacking on larger campuses.   The small colleges in our nation number in the thousands and enroll tens of thousands of students.  We strive to provide clear, credible guidance to help students find the best college for them.

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