M.Ed. Higher Education

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 May 25, 2017 | October 5, 2017

About the Higher Education Program

The M.Ed. in Higher Education is a cohort program well-suited for those already employed in a college or university setting, as well as for those seeking employment in higher education.

Institutions of higher education hire capable, effective administrators that have the knowledge and passion required to meet the needs of faculty, students, and parents. This program will prepare you to meet the needs of all these constituencies. In the course of just one year, you will gain the skills and knowledge required to fill leadership roles in a broad range of administrative positions in higher education settings, either public or private, two or four year schools.

Our faculty members bring a wealth of active, current, and professional experience to the classroom. They are all practicing administrators. This depth of faculty experience will ensure that your assignments are practical, your discussions explore real world college issues, and your knowledge gained will give you an understanding of how an administrator’s decisions impact the lives of students and the institution. Throughout the program you will address the most serious and relevant issues faced in higher education today.

Columbia College designed the curriculum for the M. Ed. in Higher Education to impart the essential knowledge necessary for professional advancement throughout a variety of administrative positions and departments. This program focuses on a global view of higher education. You will gain knowledge in governance, organization of higher education, leadership, student affairs, enrollment management, finance, critical issues facing higher education, and the law. The breadth of your courses will equip you to be a competent, confident leader across many departments at the institution of your choosing. Your degree will give you a strong understanding of how all areas work together for the success of an institution.

Are you ready to enroll in a rigorous one-year course of study that will prepare you to work in the rewarding field of higher education? Are you ready to take your career in higher education to a whole new level? If so, apply FREE online. Admission files are reviewed on a rolling basis, and it is important to complete your file as early as possible.

For more information contact: jnagy@nullcolumbiasc.edu