Will I fit in?

Do you fall into any of these categories? 

Male, female, 22 to 60+ years old, work full time, work part time, stay at home parent, single, divorced, married, thinking about changing your relationship status, black, white, tanned, sunburned, Asian, Hispanic, dark hair, red hair, purple hair, gray hair, no hair, wear a wig, want to attend a school with a great reputation, lightweight, heavyweight, bean pole, quiet, outspoken, cancer survivor, ride the bus, drive a clunker, drive a new car, fashion trend-setter, wearing what’s clean, good sense of humor, introvert, extrovert, out of school for a long time, transferring directly from a school, fulfilling a lifelong dream, must have a degree for career advancement, promised mom I would do this, live in an apartment, live in a house, rent a room, take care of aging parents….. and the list goes on and on.  

We KNOW you’ll fit in, because everyone comes from a different point along their personal journey. That’s why class discussions are so memorable and inspiring!