Graduate HEd Class Meeting Schedules

Class Attendance Policy
Attending class is mandatory.  Graduate students are expected to attend all classes, to be punctual, and to remain for the duration of the class because there are limited class meetings and a great deal of material to cover.
Only one excused absence will be allowed in a course.  An excused absence request must be submitted in writing to the instructor prior to the absence, unless there are extenuating circumstances.  The instructor will confer with the program director if there are questions or concerns about an absence.  If a graduate student is granted an excused absence, that person will be required to complete additional work equivalent to the time missed from class.  The instructor will assign this work.  If makeup work is not completed by the end of the semester, it becomes an unexcused absence.
No unexcused absence is allowed.  If a graduate student has an unexcused absence or misses a class without prior approval, he/she cannot receive credit for the course.  If a candidate has a second absence in the same course, he/she cannot receive credit for the course.

Spring 2017
January 14-15
February 4-5
March 18-19
April 22-23

Summer 2017
May 13-14 and 27-28
June 24-25
July 29-30

Fall 2017
August 26-27
September 16-17
October 28-29
December 9-10

Spring 2018
January 13-14
February 3-4
March 17-18
April 21-22

Summer 2018
May 12-13 and 26-27
June 23-24
July 28-29