Collaborative Learning

The Collaborative Learning Center

The Collaborative Learning Center, located in the Edens Library (third floor), was established to foster a rich, intellectual climate on campus. The Center hosts an eclectic, engaging mix of presentations by faculty, students, staff and guest speakers on a variety of academic and personal topics of interest to the campus community.


On Tuesday and Thursday of each week during the Fall and Spring semesters, an informal session is held in the Collaborative Learning Center, located on the third floor of Edens Library. Past presentations have included such diverse topics as “Trends in United Kingdom Education,” “Interpreting The Scriptures,” globalization at Columbia College, recommendations for The Evening College, and “Student Experiences at the Model Organization of African Unity.” Faculty, staff, and students are invited to bring their lunch to these informative sessions.


What is Collaborative Learning?

Research shows that women learn differently from men, preferring a discussion-oriented, group approach rather than a lecture-style environment. As a result, Columbia College’s teaching approach is collaborative, and discussion and debate are encouraged in every classroom at every level.


Collaboration extends across campus and across disciplines. For example, faculty members from different disciplines may “team teach” a particular topic, or an assigned topic may be addressed from various angles by classes in several disciplines.


The College also sponsors a Learning Community opportunity for students each year which includes classes in a number of different disciplines, along with weekly seminars and group projects centered on a Learning Community “theme.” Campuswide events during the year, such as art exhibits and faculty convivia, will also be built around the Learning Community theme.


Another unique resource in Eden’s Library is the Collaborative Technologies Lab (Room 121), located on the Lower Level. This is a state-of-the-art space designed to meet the dynamically changing teaching and learning needs of our students, faculty and staff. It contains 8 stations that each have five chairs, a 37 inch screen, PC and a switch that allows users to connect a laptop to the screen. This room is ideal for group work and group projects, and the room is also equipped with a SMARTBoard for instruction. This lab is operated by the Information Technology Department.