Student Employment FAQs


1. What is a Federal Work Study – FWS?

    Federal Work Study is a federally subsidized program awarded to students based on financial needs. Students must apply for financial aid to determine eligibility. The amount of your work study award will denepend on your financial need. This program allows the students to earn money to help pay education expenses.

2. What is a Workship - WS?

    Workship is an institutionally funded program awarded to students based on their skills and the campus student work needs.  This program, which assists students who do not qualify for Federal Work Study funds, but express a desire to work on campus, is subject to limited funding levels and budget decisions made by Executive Management.

3. What is Community Service – CS?

    This program was introduced to Columbia College in 1993.  The purpose of the Community Service Program is to encourage and enable students to participate in off-campus employment that will complement their educational goals and to develop jobs that service low-income families.  Students must be eligible for Federal Workstudy to participate in this program.

4. Are there opportunities for off-campus non-work study jobs?

    Yes, but it would be the student's responsibility to contact the business. These jobs are e-mailed to students as they become available to the SEO.

5. How will I know if I have Federal Work Study eligibility?

    You must contact Financial Aid to find out about your FWS eligibility.

6. How do I find a job?

    You should fill out an online "Employment Application". When jobs become available, the SPA will notify you by email.

7. What if there is no job available?

    Choose "Employment Application" on the Student Employment left menu, fill it out and submit it online .  The application will be kept on file for 4 months.

8. My award letter states that I am eligible for work study (FWS). Will the work study pay for my tuition?

    No. Work study money goes to students.

9. Do I have to work as a work study worker in order to receive FWS money?


10. How many hours per week I can work as a work study student?

    That depends on your work study eligibility. The average is 5 hrs per week.

11. I am working as a work study student; will I get all FWS money upfront?

    No, student workers are paid monthly based on the hours they work.

12. Are work study jobs full time?

    No, they are part time positions that help students with minor education expenses while they are at school.

13. Who do I contact at the Student Employment Office (SEO)?

    You can contact Student Payroll Administrator (SPA) using the "Contact Us" button on the Student Employment pages.

14. Where is the SEO located?

    The office is located in Allison Building on the 3rd floor, Room 305.

15. After the department offered me a job, what are the next steps?

    If you are a new student worker, you must complete various employment forms with at the SEO before your Student Employment Acknowledgment (SEA) is issued. If you are a returning student, the SEA will be issued and sent to your supervisor where then you and the supervisor have to sign it and return it to the SPA.

16. What is Student Employment Acknowledgment (SEA)?

    It is a written document to make you aware of several important pieces of information. It has to be signed by you and your supervisor in order for you to begin work on or off campus. It is issued only for workstudy and workship students. While it is sometimes referred to as a “contract”, it is not an employment contract, but an acknowledgment that you have received the information.

17. When can I complete the payroll paper work?

    You have to email SPA @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a meeting.

18. What documents will I need to bring to my meeting with the SPA?

    You must bring your original SS Card and drivers license/ID card (issued by the state) to the meeting.

19. What if I DO NOT have the required documents that are needed for Payroll?

    You will not be able to work until the SEO receives the necessary documents.

20. When do I get paid?

    Students’ payday is the second Wednesday of each month.

21. What are the dates of the pay dates for this school year?

   You will find them on Koala Connection after you become a student worker.

22. What if I need to update my current payroll information?

    Contact the SPA for more information.

23. Where do I get timesheets?

    Columbia College uses online timecard system. Instructions will be emailed to you when you become a student worker.

24. How do I fill out my timesheet?

    Go to FORMS and choose "How to use, access, and FINALIZE online timecard?".

25. When are timesheets due to the SEO?

    Timesheets are due by 3:00 PM on the first of each month.

26. Who needs to approve my timesheet?

    Your timesheet must be finalized by you and submitted by your supervisor.

27. What if I do not turn in my timesheet on time?

    You will not be paid until the next month’s payroll.

28. Can I have my pay deposited to my bank account (commonly known as Direct Deposit)?                      

    Yes, you can.  The form may be picked up at the SEO in Allison (305) or you may go to the "Forms" page on the student employment pages. We recommend direct deposit to everyone receiving a paycheck.

29. Is the Direct Deposit (DD) mandatory?

    No, but with DD your pay will be available to you in your bank account the morning of the payday.

30. What do I need to start the Direct Deposit?

    You will need a complete Direct Deposit form (downloaded from the "Forms" page on the student employment pages) and provide a VOID check or a letter from your bank stating your account information.

31. What if I am on Direct Deposit and I closed my bank account?

    You must notify the SEO as soon as possible.

32. If I am not on Direct Deposit, when will my check be available to me?

    Your check should be in your campus mailbox around noon on the payday.