Medical Care

Columbia College offers a wide array of programs and services to help students understand the importance of maintaining good health through proper diet, exercise and routine wellness care. The College’s immunizations policy and health insurance requirement are in place to help protect the greater campus community and to ensure that students can access health care in the event of an accident or illness. The student affairs staff and the Columbia College police department are prepared to assist students in accessing medical services in the Columbia area.

Immunizations Required

All students entering Columbia College must present a valid immunization certificate (dated, signed, or stamped by a health care professional/ office) documenting that the student has received those immunizations required by the College. failure to comply will result in delayed registration for the subsequent semester.

Pursuant to south Carolina law, the Columbia College institutional policy, and endorsement by the american College health association, all students in the women’s College are required to have the following immunizations:

Students born after December 31, 1956:

  • 2 measles (rubeola), 1 mumps, and 1 rubella (2 mmr doses meet this requirement)

All international students are required to have the following screening:

  • Tuberculosis screening (ppd) within the last 6 months. a ppd is required regardless of prior bCg inoculation.

Several options are available to achieve compliance with the Columbia College immunization policy:

  • Private physician
  • Medical Centers

Your local health department can provide the second MMR and tuberculosis screening free of charge or for a nominal fee to college students.

Columbia College will keep a student’s immunization records on file for the duration of her tenure at Columbia College. any student wishing to receive a copy of her immunization records should contact the office of student affairs, 786-3856.

Student Health Insurance Policy


The American College Health Association and Columbia College believe it is essential for all students to be able to access medical care in the event of an unexpected accident or illness. We offer a voluntary student health insurance plan to all undergraduate students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours and Evening and Graduate students enrolled in 6 or more credit hours. The plan is administered by First Risk Advisors and is underwritten by the United Healthcare Insurance Company.

To sign up for the plan for the 2013-2014 academic year or for additional information including a list of local physicians, please visit, select “Columbia College,” and follow the prompts to enroll. The cost of the annual premium is $1203 for undergraduate students ($1434 for graduate students) and can be broken up into 2 payments (fall & spring/summer). Students can pay online and eligible students who enroll may also insure their dependents.

Students must enroll in the plan by September 4, 2013 in order to obtain coverage for the 2013-2014 school year. The only students who may purchase the plan after this date are those who provide proof of involuntary loss of other coverage or a life status change or those students who begin classes in the spring/summer.

If you have questions please feel free to contact Brett Welsh by phone at 803-786-3888 or by email at

Accessing Health Care

If the situation is an emergency, the student should contact CCpd (786-3333) immediately. CCPD officers are first responders trained in first aid, adult and child Cpr, and use of the aed. If necessary, CCPD will summons emergency medical care. For a non-emergency situation, resident students needing medical attention should notify the area Coordinator (AC) on-call and then begin making arrangements to utilize local medical facilities in the Columbia area. Students should have insurance information and their driver’s license/student id available when visiting these facilities. While students are free to select their own health care providers, several doctors convenient to the campus are available to see Columbia College students who need medical care without a referral. Each of these medical facilities is a part of the in-network group of providers who accept the College’s student insurance plan. Refer to the Student Handbook for a list of providers.

Expenses for all office visits, laboratory tests, x-rays, prescriptions, follow-up visits, and referrals to medical facilities and/or specialists are the responsibility of the student. Students should have insurance information and their driver’s license/student id available when visiting any medical facility. After hours emergency Care any illness requiring immediate attention after 10 pm will be referred to a hospital emergency room.

The following area emergency care facilities are available:

Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital
5 Richland Medical Park Drive
Main number: 803.434.7000
Emergency number: 803.434.6350
Palmetto Baptist Medical Center
1333 Taylor Street
main number: 803.296.5010
emergency number: 803.296.5050
Providence Hospital
2435 Forest Drive
main number: 803.256-5300
emergency number: 803.256.5320
Providence Hospital Northeast
120 Gateway Corporate Boulevard
main number: 803.865.4500
information line: 803.865.4530

For other health resources please see the Student Handbook.

Chronic Illness and Medications

If a student has a chronic illness requiring in-depth medical care and follow-up, prior arrangements must be made with a local physician at the student’s expense. Students with chronic illnesses or conditions are encouraged to report this information to the dean of students office so that the appropriate staff members can be made aware of the situation and understand how to best assist a student, if needed. All medications must be provided by the student in the original pharmacy container labeled with the student’s name and current date. Glucose testing and/or insulin administration with the use of needles and sharps will necessitate a student having her own personal sharps container for disposal in the residence halls. Students requiring regular allergy injections will need to make arrangements with a local physician or medical center.

Student Financial Responsibilities and Insurance

Students are financially responsible for medication, laboratory tests, x-rays, hospitalization, and specialist referrals. insurance is available to students for an additional fee. Information about the College sponsored student insurance plan is available in the office of student affairs (Harrelson Student Center, room 201).

Class Absences

Absences from class will be excused at the discretion of the individual professor. No academic or administrative office can validate student absences. Students who are ill should discuss their absences with each individual faculty member.

Medical Records

Students who were enrolled at Columbia College between August 2001and June 2010 and who were seen at the former student health Center may request a copy of their medical records/immunizations by submitting a release of medical information form to the office of student affairs (Harrelson Student Center, room 201).