Campus Police


The Columbia College Police Department ensures the safety and security of the Columbia College campus and surrounding community. It assists other federal, state, county and local law enforcement, and other agencies as required and appropriate.

Columbia College Police provide fair and equitable treatment to all persons regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religion, and enforce federal, state and local laws with impartiality and integrity.

Courtesy Services

Courtesy Services, a division of the Columbia College Police Department, will provide transportation for less than three students, upon request, from parking areas to residence halls and from residence halls to parking areas during the evening hours from 5 p.m. until 7 a.m. To request transportation, call extension 3333.
Please note that the Police Department does not normally transport students between halls or to any other campus location. However, if the courtesy officers are unusually busy, a police officer can provide transportation. If an emergency arises or a patrol car is called for a safety matter, transportation may be delayed until the police officer resumes his or her normal duties.
(803) 786-3343 Non-emergency
(803) 786-3333 Emergency 
Fax 786-3174

Call Boxes

Radios are permanently located in call boxes in parking lots, as well as the Police Contact Point adjacent to Hudson Hall.
Students may use these radios for immediate contact with Campus Police in case of emergency or to request transportation.
After making a call, park your car and lock your doors. When a courtesy officer or patrol vehicle arrives, flash your lights to identify your car.

Building Access

All campus buildings, except residence halls, have open access during regular business hours. After regular business hours, access to residence halls, the Bush Science Center, and the Breed Leadership Building is by a computer coded student identification card.
During times when the College is officially closed, buildings are generally locked and may be accessed only by faculty and staff.

Key Control

Access to residence halls is by computer controlled student identification card. Access to individual rooms is by key.
The Columbia College Police Department (ext. 3343) must be notified immediately if an identification card is lost or stolen. Residence Life (ext. 3856) must be notified immediately if a key is lost or stolen.
Resident students will be charged a lock-change fee or replacement fee if a lock must be replaced.


Any student may bring an automobile to campus. However, all vehicles must be registered with Campus Police and must display a permit in accordance with regulations. A registration fee is charged.
Parking is located throughout the campus and is designated for students, staff, visitors and the handicapped. Fines will be imposed for parking violations.
Certain clearly posted fire lanes must be kept clear at all times, and vehicular traffic in these lanes is prohibited except in emergencies.
The Columbia College Police Department works closely with the Office of Student Affairs to ensure that programs and services are coordinated to promote campus safety.
The Department consists of police officers trained through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. Campus police patrol the campus and answer calls on a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year basis, both in vehicles and on foot.
To download the current Columbia College Crime Statistics Report and Fire Safety Report, click below:
Regular office hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday. After hours and on weekends and holidays, officers patrol the campus and are available by radio.