Residence Life

Closing Information for Spring 2015 Residents
Congratulations! You made it through the semester/year and it’s time for summer break (or graduation!). Before you leave, we have some information for you about how you can properly move out and check out of your residence hall room. Please make sure to read everything on this handout carefully and ask your RA/A or AC if you have any questions. Following this information will help to ensure that you don’t incur any damages or fines.
Please be prepared and patient and ask your guests to do the same. We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you remember that this is a busy, stressful, and often tiresome time for all of us J
We close at 5:00pm SHARP on Friday, May 8th
-Make sure you have moved all of your belongings out of the building, cleaned your room, and done a checkout with your RA/A or done an Express Checkout by that time.
-Make sure to communicate with anyone that may be coming to get you and/or helping you move out. They cannot be late and should allow for some extra time, just in case.
-Do not wait until the last minute to start cleaning and packing. It takes longer than you think. Start taking items home the weekend before exams if possible.
Only those approved by Res. Life may stay until Sat., May 9th at 6:00pm
-The Director of Residence Life & Housing will e-mail all those approved to stay, for graduation or assistance with graduation.
-Those who do not receive an approval for graduation or summer purposes must be out by May 8th at 5:00pm.
Cleaning and Damages
-If your room or bathroom will need more than a basic sweep and mop, wipe down/dust, and sanitizing, you will be charged for a cleaning fee.
-Take ALL trash and belongings not originally in the room out or you will be charged a trash fee.
-The dumpsters and recycling areas will not move…please use them and do NOT leave things in the hallways or community spaces or community trashcans. The Union loading dock also has a cardboard collection cart.
-Your RA/A will make a note of any condition that is not the same as it was when you checked in. Please do not try to explain to your RA/A who may be responsible or what happened. The RA/A will simply mark a possible damage concern. The AC will come behind the RA/A and make a final decision on whether a damage fee is warranted or not. You will be notified via CC e-mail by May 15th if you are being charged for any fees or fines. You will also be told how to appeal those charges if you do not agree.
-If the bathroom is dirty, it will be marked during your checkout time. The AC will figure out who was still present during that time and may split the cleaning charge amongst one or more parties if the cleaning issue is not clearly related to one person.
-Don’t forget to start defrosting your fridge before you move it home (24 hours at least).
Guests During Closing/Exams
-We understand that when you are moving out, it can be a challenge to escort your guests at all times. We want to be a little more lenient and understanding of that, starting May 1st. However, please remember that the safety of our community is still very important.
-Residents may check guests in starting at 9:00am (beginning May 1st) but must still be out by regular ending visitation hours.
-Guests must be properly signed in and out at all times.
-Guests do not have to be escorted only if: 1. Resident is in room but packing and unable to escort. 2. Guest is clearly moving things from room to outside. 3. Guest is not causing any disturbances or wondering around.
-Doors cannot be propped and the desk staff WILL NOT get up to open the door for anyone. If your guest does take something outside, your guest will have to wait until the door is opened by an incoming or outgoing resident.
-Overnight guests will not be allowed for any hall (only exceptions will be made by ACs) from Friday, May 1st- Friday, May 8th. This provides a better study environment.
24 Hour Quiet Hours
-We begin 24 hour quiet hours at 5:00pm on Friday, May 1st. We end 24 hour quiet hours May 8th at 5:00pm.
-RA/As will not be giving warnings. Noise violations will be documented for judicial proceedings.
-Be careful of your noise levels, even if you are moving. You are responsible for the noise your guests make.
-Thank you for your help in creating a quiet environment for exam and final project preparations!
Storage and Donations
-If you live more than 2.5 hours away from Columbia (according to a search engine site), you may place items in the storage provided in your CURRENT hall (McNair for the Cottages), at your own risk.
-You may store up to 6 items. Those items must be large appliances (fridge, TV, microwave) or plastic storage bins or a trunk. Each item must have your full name on it.
-You may collect a storage form from your AC. Complete it and bring it with you when storing your items.
-Your AC will post the times that she is accessing each hall’s storage rooms. Meet your AC during the closest day and time in the hall lobby to place items in storage. If you miss these times, there will be NO OTHER TIMES.
-If you wish to donate any items for the Food Pantry, Free Store, or Goodwill, you may access the donation collection area in your hall at any time. Please go to the closest location to drop off your items (McNair Classroom, Wesley 101, Mirse 110 and Hudson 210).
Checking Out with an RA/A

Write your name on the “Spring Check-out Sign-up Sheet”  in one (1) of the 15 minute time slots that has not already been taken by another resident or marked out as not available by the RA/A.

Note: You have to sign up by 10:00pm the night before you wish to check out. You may sign up days before if you wish. Anyone that tries to sign up after 10:00pm for a checkout the next day will not be able to…you will have to do an Express Checkout instead.

Write down the date and time that you signed up for, as a reminder.
Have all of your belongings out of the room, the room cleaned, and be ready and present at your room at your scheduled time. Your RA/A will meet you there, review the room, mark the condition of the room on your already-started Room Condition Report (your RA/A will bring this RCR), have you sign, take your room key, and give you a copy of the RCR. Do not leave or consider yourself properly checked out until you have a copy of the RCR and have turned in your key.
You may leave.
Do all of this by 5:00pm on May 8th (or 6:00pm on May 9th for graduating seniors).
Check your CC e-mail in about a week to see if you have been billed for any damages or fines.

Note: If you are late for your checkout time or you are not ready, your RA/A will not check you out in person. You will be given an Express Checkout envelope and will not be allowed to check out in person since you missed your time. You may not find another staff member to check you out either.
Express Checkout

Write your name and room number on the “Express Checkout” list next to your RA/A’s room.
Take an Express Checkout envelope (white with writing on front). If there are none left next to your RA/A’s room, please get one from your AC’s office or the Residence Life office in the Union (or outside the Residence Life door).
Complete the information on the front of the envelope and sign.
Place your room key(s) in the envelope and seal it up (only when everything is out of your room and you are leaving).
Drop your completed Express Checkout envelope in the labeled wooden Key Box in your hall lobby (in Knox for Kneece residents) or in the drop box outside of the Residence Life office.
Do all of this by 5:00pm on May 8th (or 6:00pm on May 9th for graduating seniors).
Check your CC e-mail in about a week to see if you have been billed for any damages or fines.

Note: If you fail to follow one of these sets of instructions fully, you will be charged $50 for an improper checkout. No exceptions.