Emergency Notification System

Columbia College is recognized as one of the safest college campuses in the state. Duty officers patrol 24/7 in vehicles, on foot, on bicycle and on Segway scooters to ensure the safety of the campus community. Campus police officers maintain the highest level of training and are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

In 2009, an Emergency Notification System (ENS) was deployed on campus to provide rapid alerts via siren/phone/email and text message in the event of any campus emergency.

The ENS system is tested at least twice annually, usually near the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. The campus community, as well as neighborhood leaders and city officials, are notified in advance of the tests. Residents in the surrounding community are notified of upcoming tests via the City of Columbia’s Reverse 911 System.

The landline and mobile emergency contact numbers provided by students, faculty and staff will receive test alerts when the scheduled system tests are conducted.

Students, Faculty and Staff may add or update their emergency contact information by following this link: