Student Government

The goals of the Columbia College Student Government Association include unifying the student body through one shared system of self-governance, upholding the honor system, and promoting better citizenship by developing a feeling responsibility and providing practice in democratic living.

When one becomes a student in the Women's College of Columbia College, she becomes a member of the Columbia College Student Government Association. CCSGA provides a source of communication from the student body to the College administration, faculty, and staff, as well as external constituencies, a structure of democratic governance, and an orderly transition of governance from year to year.

2014-2015 CCSGA Officers


Columbia College Student Government Association Executive Board

Nikki Brown, President

Shawn Brown, Vice President

Quisha Benjamin, Secretary

Adrian Coates, Treasurer

Dr. LaNaé Budden, Advisor

Molly Peirano, Advisor


Senior Class – Class of 2015

Catelyn Curry, President

Emily Gowan, Vice President

Samantha Sellers, Secretary

Adrianna Coates, Treasurer

Cortney McGaha, Public Relations

& Activities Offcer 

Dr. Adrienne Oxley ,Advisor


Junior Class – Class of 2016

Caroline Kelly, President

Jasmine Stanley, Vice President

Kayla Lawson, Secretary

Katherine Ready, Treasurer

Chloe' Mattison, Public Relations

& Activities Officer

Arin Trainor, Public Relations

& Activities Offcer 

 Dr. Tamara Burk, Advisor



Sophomore Class – Class of 2017

Skler Sisson, President

Cierra Tomaso, Vice President

Lenee Phillips, Secretary

Deyzha Trail, Treasurer

Sarah Keene, Public Relations

& Activities Officer

Caitlin Wirth, Public Relations

& Activities Offcer 

 Dr. Carol Hoyle, Advisor



First Year Class – Class of 2018

Ayana Thomas, President

Kathryn Potter, Vice President

Kristen Wilson, Secretary

Amber Conley, Treasurer

Tay Mavins, Public Relations

& Activities Officer

Caroline Stark, Public Relations

& Activities Offcer 

Dr. Marlee Marsh, Advisor