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Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life and Housing works to establish and maintain a residential living and learning environment that supports the mission of Columbia College. The Residence Life staff strives to give direction, meaning, and depth to students’ collegiate experience in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. Our staff will provide programs that foster a sense of community and appreciation of the varied needs of our diverse student population. In addition, these programs will develop personal responsibility and integrity while supporting the academic pursuits and co-curricular activities of all residential students.

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Student Union, Lower Level B101
(803) 786-3602 — FAX (803) 786-3125  
Email: reslife@nullcolumbiasc.edu

Residence Life & Housing Staff 


The Director of Residence Life & Housing

The Director of Residence Life and Housing, a Master’s degree professional, is responsible for the Columbia College Residence Life and Housing Program, including residential student development and housing services, supervision of all professional staff, advisement and coordination of the judicial process and Judicial Board, and creation of an engaging and vibrant residence life program with faculty collaboration that is linked to the 4Cs of Leadership.



Director of Residence Life & Housing
(803) 786-3602


The Area Coordinators (AC)

The two Area Coordinators are full-time Master’s/Bachelor’s degree professionals who live in the residence halls and assist the Director or Residence Life and Housing with various aspects of residential life. Each AC supervises a staff of RAs, mediates conflicts, and manages all aspects of their building(s). ACs serve in the AC On-Call schedule for the campus residence halls and serve in other committee and leadership capacities on campus.

Shade Holmes
Area Coordinator for 
McNair First-Year Center
(803) 714-4145









Allison Davis 
Area Coordinator for Upperclass Housing
(803) 714-4824 

The Administrative Assistant & Data Coordinator

The Administrative Assistant assists in the management and operation of the Residence Life and Student Activities Office and is the initial contact for this high-traffic office.

Sue Gerdes
Administrative Assistant
& Data Coordinator

(803) 786-3602


Residence Life & Housing Student Staff

Assistant Area Coordinator (AAC)

The Assistant Area Coordinator is a returning undergraduate staff member with significant RA experience who is charged with managing the Cottages – Kneece and Knox Halls – and serving as a resource for the community within the Cottages. The AAC also serves in the AC On-Call schedule for the campus residence halls and provides leadership for the RAs.

Resident Assistants (RA)

Each Resident Assistant is an undergraduate staff member with at least one year of residential experience at Columbia College. The RAs are trained to provide a positive living and learning experience for resident students and are students who are chosen for their leadership and interpersonal skills. The RAs reside on the halls with the residents and serve as a resource, providing residents with programs and advisement on a variety of subjects, ranging from personal and academic issues to conflict mediation and community development. Any community life questions or concerns should be addressed initially to the RA.

Desk Coordinators and Assistants (DC and DA)

The Desk Staff that work for the Office of Residence Life and Housing and Housing play a vital role in promoting the safety and security of our residence halls. Desk Coordinators provide supervision of the desk staff and ensure that all desks are running smoothly. Desk Assistants are responsible for providing outstanding customer service to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors to Columbia College. Desk Assistants are charged with ensuring all guest and visitation policies in the residence halls are followed.

Graduate Assistants

These individuals serve in many different capacities for the Division of Student Affairs at Columbia College. They work in Student Activities and the Dean’s Office. In addition to working in these offices, they may also live in the residence halls and serve as a resource to students. Graduate Assistants living in the residence halls serve in the AC On-Call schedule for the campus residence halls.

Residence Hall Association

In a residential community, it is important that individuals have the opportunity to voice opinions, plan activities, and relay information to administrators who, along with students, make decisions about Residence Life. At Columbia College, all resident students are members and can choose to actively participate in the Residence Hall Association (RHA) to address community concerns and plan events. Contact the Residence Life staff for more information about how to get involved.


The structure of Residence Life includes the Director of Residence Life & Housing, the Area Coordinator for the McNair First-Year Living Learning Center, the Area Coordinator for Upper Class Housing, along with the Resident Assistants.




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