Business Administration (BA & BS)

Business Administration (BS) – The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration gives students a strong foundation in the functional areas of business. Students take courses in accounting and economics as well as core courses in areas ranging from business law and international business to finance, management and marketing. Additional courses in more specific disciplines such as entrepreneurship and human resources are included, as are professional development courses in business communication, research methods and business computing.  This degree is ideal for students wanting a more quantitative background which is useful for a career in management.  The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration ensures students that they have the knowledge and skills needed to make informed business decisions and prepares students for further studies in graduate business programs.

Business Administration (BA) with concentrations in

Business Administration – The BA in Business Administration combines theory with practical application and provides students with the skills they will need as they begin their careers. The degree allows students to demonstrate broad-based business knowledge of the functions of accounting, finance, management, marketing, and the relationship of these functions to one another in an effective organization. Business majors apply economic concepts, business ethics, business law and social responsibility, and current technology to evaluate organizational problems. Business majors also analyze business related information and develop entrepreneurial thinking skills.