Associate’s to Bachelor’s Degree Program Locations

Now Accepting Applications for the Fall 2017 Semester
Don’t Delay – Make Your Move!

Many communities across South Carolina don’t have access to a major college where students can earn a bachelor’s degree.  Columbia College brings our Associate’s to Bachelor’s Degree programs directly to you!  Even though classes meet on the campuses listed below, all other services are provided through Columbia College.

  1. Your finanicial aid advisor will be administered by Columbia College
  2. Internet Technology Services will be accessed through Columbia College
  3. Professors are employed by Columbia College
  4. Your baccalaureate degree will be granted by Columbia College
  5. Books will be purchased through the Columbia College Bookstore online and shipped to you

Students will be on campus 2 nights per week taking classes, and there is a REQUIRED Internet component with each class.
You can expect to have assignments that will require you to devote an average of two hours per semester hour of course credit.


At any time during the inquiry or admission process, please contact us if you have questions.
Myles Hacking or 803-786-3419