A Letter from the Alumnae Association President – Fall 2017

Do you remember your first few days as a Columbia College student? Some of us may have to take a little longer to think back than others, but I am sure if we put our minds and hearts into it, we could recall that sense of excitement (and maybe trepidation) as we embarked on the new adventure of college life.

This year Alumnae Council hosted an Ice Cream Social for the incoming class—and what a class it is! These young ladies are poised, enthusiastic, and ready to take on whatever comes their way. The Social provided a wonderful opportunity for us to meet and welcome them to campus.

As the year moves forward we will continue to seek ways for alumnae to come back on campus and to interact with students. But you do not have to wait on us! Think about becoming a mentor or providing an internship through your company. As a Columbia College graduate, you have a wealth of knowledge, information, and life experiences to share.

We hope to increase participation among all alumnae; we share an incredible bond that should be nurtured and celebrated. Perhaps you can organize (or at least attend) a CC event in your local community. Your ideas are most welcome, and your support of the Loyalty Fund is always appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me through the Office of Alumnae Relations, I am here to serve you, my fellow alumnae, and I look forward to a great year!

Go Koalas!

Kaymani “Kay” Daniels West ’97

President, Columbia College Alumnae Association