Alumnae Council


Our Mission Executive Committee Council Members


The Alumnae Council is the advising body to the Columbia College Alumnae Association.  Members support the overall mission of the College by:

  • developing a sense of mutual responsibility between alumnae and the College
  • encouraging alumnae to maintain a continuing relationship with the College
  • enlisting alumnae in constructive endeavors, including:
    • financial support
    • promoting the College to prospective students
    • involvement with departmental and divisional programs on campus, lifelong learning and engagement opportunities, and mentorships for current students

Notes of EncouragementLast year, Council members dined with students in the Student Union, made “Welcome” surcie bags for the incoming First Years, wrote notes of encouragement to students, hosted the faculty, staff and retirees of Columbia College for the Christmas Coffee, voted on the 2017 Alumnae Award recipients (announced in April!), hosted the 50th Reunion Class for a special luncheon during Alumnae Weekend and participated in many campus student events, including Move-In Day Kick-Off, Campus Tree Lighting, Lessons and Carols, and so much more.

Committees within the Alumnae Association include:

  • The Enrollment and Momentum Scholarship Outreach Committee
  • The Mentoring Committee
  • The Development Committee
  • The Surcie Shop Committee
  • The Special Events Committee
  • The Decorating Committee

Executive Committee

The Honorable Kay Daniels West ’97
Lisa Kennerly Livingston ’91
Dr. Elaine Kirby Ferraro ’70
Vice President
Amber Nix ’10
Carol Stackhouse Hall ’74
Anna Lybrand Boyle ’65
Katherine “Kathy” Graham Leland ’67
Erin Gilreath Carlson ’04
Charlotte Stackhouse Broome ’75
Past President


Alumnae Council MembersC2 at The Curious Savage!

Katherine Besley ’15
Anna Lybrand Boyle ’65
Charlotte Stackhouse Broome ’75
Carolyn Washington Brown ’89
Nancy Burch Bunch ’72
Kathryn Verdery Cannon ’55
Judy Jones Cannon ’74
Erin Gilreath Carlson ’03
Jennifer Coleman ’01
Nancy Vaughn Coombs ’73
Janet Alexander Cotter ’56
MaryAnn Smith Crews ’59
Lucinda Edwards Daniels ’60
Shanitra Singleton Deas ’05
Hilary Krueger Dickerson ’07
Carol Cook Duggan ’68
Linda Jones DuRant ’68
Ryan Easterling ’92
Annie Kaiser Eveleigh ’84
Elaine Kirby Ferraro ’70
Lucy Crumpton Gordon ’61
Peggy Huggins Gunnells ’65
Carol Stackhouse Hall ’74
Anne Turner Harrell ’57
Edith Collins Hause ’56
Jewell Powell Hill ’60
Frances Shelley Hill ’70
Valerie Krueger Hite ’07
Tiffany Sprinkle Hornsby ’94
Carole Dunaway Howell ’75
Jamila Harrington Hudley ’99
Jane Douglass Manning Hyatt ’65
Lera Williams Jackson ’97
Sara Snell Johnson ’99
Doris Durante Kahn HONORARY
Claire Mullen Kinney ’73
Heather Miller Kirby ’00
Lyn Anne Dallas Knudsen ’80
Virginia Cannon LaFitte ’87
Wannelle Witt Lefkowitz ’70
Katherine “Kathy” Graham Leland ’67
Lisa Kennerly Livingston ’91
Brandon Davis Love ’00
Leslie Lumpkin ’04
Joyce Hart Mann ’56
Janice Kay Martin ’60
Jenny McCulloch ’74
Betty Ulmer McGregor ’51
Margie Mitchell ’83
Emil Burns Mitchell ’84
Mary Epps Monroe ’65
Carla Lewis Moore ’94
Marlena Redfern Myers ’64
Catherine Whitaker Neeley ’71
Amber Nix ’10
Ruth Anne Reeves O’Cain ’94
Margaret Ward Pace ’62
Mary Ann Reeves Phillips ’56
Katherine Price ’93
Rebecca Baker Pugh ’62
Anne Kizer Reeves ’63
Amy Long Ruple ’08
Edwina Crane Shuler ’73
Kara Simmons ’10
Linda Sue Neal Smith ’64
Amy Sugibayashi ’08
Rebecca Glover Swanson ’57
Sadie Brunson Thompson ’60
Heather Siegfried Turner ’08
Carol Vaughn ’71
Suzie Chaplin Wattenbarger ’69
Lauren Riley Welch ’97
Kaymani Daniels West ’97
Helen West ’87
Patricia Cave Whitaker ’55
CeCelia  Williams ’14
Rebecca Phillips Wooten ’04
Pal Crenshaw Wrenn ’56
Bootsie Harvie Wynne ’83
Joan Vaughan Young ’56