Ready for the Real World

Ready for the Real World
Our students are getting down to business

Dear Friend,

How is a small college that educates and empowers young women essential to the successful future of business? At Columbia College, we believe that the best way to grow opportunity in the world is by broadly improving the capabilities of the people in it. So that's exactly what we're doing—one student at a time.

We know exceptional education is the foundation of economic progress and prosperity. Young women who chose today's Columbia College enjoy world class education that includes practical experience and professional career counseling. WIth big dreams, strong motivation, and ambitious goals for the future, these students are on their way to the real world with real skills.

Perhaps you've heard about the full-scale revitalization underway at Columbia College, aligning our historic institution with the demands of the 21st century education and business. This is how we are transforming young lives and strengthening the future of South Carolina. Like never before, Columbia College is focused on the overall success of women and the careers, communities, and families they build.

How can you get involved? When higher education and local business work together, a new generation of leaders can rise with confidence and make the future better for us all. Please consider sponsoring a new internship or participating in one of our existing work-study programs. Call 888-997-5188 to discuss your ideas.

Let's put the world on notice. We're on our way.

Beth Dinndorf