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Undergraduate Women's College

Applying to Columbia College

Once you've checked out all that Columbia College has to offer and are ready to apply for admission, the process is simple. Fill out the application form online or request a paper copy of the application from the Admissions Office at 1.800.277.1301 or 803.786.3871.

Graduating high school seniors, transfers students and international students seeking an undergraduate degree should apply to the admissions office for our Undergraduate Day Program.

In addition to the $25 application fee (waived if application is completed online), please submit the following:

  • Official copy of your high school transcript
  • Copies of all College/University transcripts if applicable
  • Official SAT or ACT scores:
    • Columbia College’s SAT code is 5117
    • Columbia College’s ACT code is 3850
      Please note: If you take the ACT we encourage you to take the writing portion of the test.
  • A recommendation from one of your 11th or 12th-grade teachers in one of the following subject areas: English, history, math, foreign language or Science.  Send this link to the recommending teacher with your name and address or you may download a paper copy, complete your section, and submit to the recommending teacher.
  • An essay of 250-500 words selected from one of three topics found in the application for admission.
    To begin your application online, click here.  You will not need a user name and password to get started, but if you plan to complete your application over more than one session, please follow the directions to create user name and password to use for future sessions. You may download this pdf if you prefer.

    The Admissions Office at Columbia College operates on a rolling admissions basis.

    Admission Requirements
    It is recommended that you select your high school classes with your college application in mind. A solid high school experience should include:

  • Four units of English
  • Three units of mathematics
  • Two units of history / social studies
  • Two units of science
    (one of which should be a laboratory science)
  • Two-Three units of foreign language

Our Undergraduate Day Program offers a great liberal arts education emphasizing problem-solving, critical thinking, communication skills and leadership development. Our first and second year students are required to live in residence halls (or at home with a parent or guardian) and are enrolled at full-time status.  All first-year students are immediately connected with Columbia College's Institute for Leadership and Professional Excellence, where you will meet your personal advisement team. You'll also be encouraged to check out special opportunities like the Honors Program, and support services like the Academic Skills Center, and the Pearce Communication Lab.

Co-ed Undergraduate Evening & Graduate Programs

Use the link below to make application to the Columbia College Evening and Graduate Program.