Momentum Transfer Scholarship

The Transfer Momentum is Columbia College’s scholarship for academically-minded students who have big ideas about their futures and who are ready to work hard to realize their fullest potential. 

Uniquely designed for students whose personal determination may outshine their standardized test scores, Momentum is intended to reward current ambition and honest commitment to making a difference in the world. 

This scholarship is designed for students transferring from another college or university to Columbia College as a full-time day student.


Candidates must be nominated by March 15, 2016 and submit all required Columbia College admissions application documents as well as the Momentum Transfer Scholarship application by April 1, 2016. Only candidates who successfully apply and are admitted to Columbia College will quality for scholarship consideration.

image013Transfer Momentum Scholarship recipients will enjoy:

  • Scholarship funds from $14,000 up to full tuition
  • Special leadership opportunities, both academic and co-curricular
  • A personal leadership success coach who is a leader in the Columbia community
  • Special summer paid internship opportunities

Candidates must demonstrate:

  •  School or community involvement
  •  Courage and motivation
  •  Commitment to learning and being actively engaged on campus
  • The potential for leadership

Candidates may be nominated by any of the following:

  • School officials or professors
  • Church and community leaders
  • Columbia College alums
  • Employer
  • Any individual or group having a close relationship with the candidate, including family members

Finalists will be invited to the CC campus during the week of April 11 for an interview.