Summer Camps


Residential Summer Leadership Programs for Girls

Emerging Leaders: rising 9th grade girls
Want to excel as a high school leader? Expand your courage, commitment, confidence, and competence. Be ready to take on the world! Know your strengths, set your priorities, manage your time, be a strong team leader, communicate your ideas assertively and make healthy and proactive decisions. Fun and interactive. Work with other motivated students to create your own future.
LEAD NOW: rising 10th & 11th grade girls 
Put it on your resume! An acclaimed leadership development program for students who have the “it” factor. Develop your personal power, voice and impact; build your leadership muscle through interactive workshops, coaching from community experts, and hands-on leadership. Communicate your ideas with power while motivating others with confidence.
Next Generation Leader: rising 11th & 12th grade girls
Ready to expand and advance your leadership skills so colleges will be impressed? Lead for yourself, your community, your world. Build your skills in advocacy, change leadership, conflict resolution, problem-solving, decision-making, team building, career planning, networking and communication.

Athletic Program Camps