Special Interest Organizations


African-American Student Association
Membership in the Columbia College African-American Students Association is open to Columbia College students, faculty, and staff, as well as others interested in the mission of the organization.
The club strives to bring together people with a common outlook, to increase awareness of the African-American heritage academically and socially, to establish links between the organization and the outside community through service projects, and to present the organization’s ideas and philosophy to the Columbia College campus through service programs and discussions.
C’sters represents the Office of Admissions and assists with the recruitment of prospective students. Members of C’sters host receptions, host students in their rooms during Ludy Bowl and Follies, and give campus tours. In the fall, C’sters help first year students move into the residence halls.
College Republicans
The Columbia College Republican Club, a member of the South Carolina Republication Federation, provides students the opportunity to learn about the political process, and to participate in the activities of the Republican Party. The club works jointly with the state and all county headquarters in campaign production and pre-campaign activities of the Republican Party.
Columbia College Activities Board
The purpose of the Columbia College Activities Board (CCAB) is to provide and coordinate social and recreational activities that are fun and beneficial to the students.  The Columbia College Activities Board works cooperatively with the Student Government Association and other campus organizations to promote interest in social events on and off campus and to encourage college unity and spirit through a variety of activities and traditional events such as Ludy Bowl, Mom’s Day, and Dad’s Night.
Columbia College Campus Action Network
The purpose of CC-CAN shall be to critically analyze members’ top concerns from a feminist perspective and to research strategies that will be most effective in bringing about change and awareness. (i.e. writing letters and articles, volunteering, rallying) CC-CAN will also strive to mobilize its’ members to create change and awareness both on and off campus regarding issues concerning the feminist perspective.  
Columbia College Koala Dancers
The purpose of the organization is to provide the student body with both an educational and extra-curricular activity where students can learn hip-hop dance while participating in dance-related activities; such as, practice and exhibitions.
Columbia College Players
The Columbia College Players is open to anyone in the Columbia College community who has an interest in drama. The Columbia College Players support all productions of the Department of Communication and Theatre, as well as sponsoring workshop and social events.
Columbia College Pro-Life Feminists
The purpose of the Columbia College Pro-Life Feminists shall be to educate Columbia College students about abortion and alternatives. It will sponsor speakers and educational displays, and members will participate in group meetings, community service, and fundraising.
Columbia College Step Team
The purpose of the Columbia College Step Team shall be to unite the students of Columbia College who enjoy stepping and performing and to provide students, faculty, and the community with a chance to see and learn more about stepping.
Commuter Student Association
The purpose of the Commuter Student Association is to inform commuter students of events on campus and to act as a voice for the concerns of the commuter population.
Cultural Crossroads
The purpose of Cultural Crossroads shall be to help members foster an appreciation of world languages and cultures, while engaging in cross linguistic experience. The organization will give members the ability to discover and nourish cultural ties in order to help them discover how the different languages and cultures can enhance their educational and career development.
Equestrian Club
The Columbia College Equestrian Club provides the student body with educational activities where individuals can find out about horses.  Students are also able to participate in equestrian related activities; such as, rodeos, horse shows and educational clinics.
Gender Equality Matters (GEM)
The purpose of Gender Equality Matters (GEM) shall be to serve as an incubator for female potential office-seekers and campaign Workers (and male students who support more female representation in government) of the future. The organization will provide encouragement, strategies, and a forum for college students who wish to run for public office one day or who wish to campaign while still in school for political candidates (regardless of party affiliation) of their choosing.    
Hi C’s
The Hi C’s is a show choir with 15 members chosen through auditions held in the fall. Auditions are open only to the members of choir and chorus. The Hi C’s entertain on campus and around the community and state, performing various selections which are choreographed by members of the group.
International Studies Association
The International Studies Association fosters the awareness of Columbia College students about international events. The organization caters to students interested in international affairs. The goals of the organization are to stimulate student interest in global affairs, to coordinate activities promoting diversity, and to facilitate discussions involving guest speakers that allow students to use their critical thinking skills.
Musical Ensembles
Columbia College offers several musical ensembles for musically talented students. The Trumpet, Flute, Chamber, and Guitar Ensembles are dedicated to the highest quality of music and perform around the state and on the college campus.
The purpose and aims of the College Chapter of the NAACP are to improve the political, educational, social, and economic status of minority groups; to eliminate racial prejudice; to keep the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination; and to take all lawful action to secure its elimination, consistent with the efforts of the National organization and in conformity with the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, its Constitution and By-laws, and as directed by the National Board of Directors. 
Public Health Student Alliance
The purpose of the PHSA is to serve as the bridge between the Public Health majors and other Columbia College students mutually interested in engaging and educating the surrounding community about public health issues
Residence Hall Association (RHA)
The purpose of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) is to support those that live on campus through programming, advocacy, and recognition.
South Carolina Student Legislature
The South Carolina Student Legislature (SCSL) is composed of delegations of students interested in the political process of state government. At SCSL, students from numerous colleges and universities in South Carolina prepare and present mock legislation. SCSL holds two conventions per year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The SCSL delegation is selected by an application and interview process.
Spectrum is a support group for gay and lesbian students, their friends, and their classmates.
The purpose of Stammtisch shall be to promote the appreciation of German culture, history, and language; to provide members with the opportunity to learn German regardless of their level of experience; to provide a simulated sense of immersion, whether by eating German food, taking part in German conversation, watching German movies, reading German books, etc.; and to raise awareness on the importance of knowing German, especially in South Carolina.
Student Alumnae Ambassadors
Student Alumnae Ambassadors promote interaction among current students and alumnae of Columbia College. SAA supports issues among alumnae and students in order to increase interest in campus activities, fundraising, and other related issues. Membership is based upon an application/interview process.
Women Interested in Sustainability and the Environment (WISE)
The purpose of WISE is to help raise awareness of current environmental issues and participate in environment-related community service.
Young Democrats
The Young Democrats, organized for those interested in the political affairs of the state and nation, introduces members to the internal workings of political organizations. The group offers opportunities to work with government officials, participate in campaign activities, and observe a variety of governmental activities. It is not necessary to have full Democratic leanings to belong.