WID Divergent Learning

The Master of Education in Divergent Learning program is designed to develop a more in-depth comprehension of at-risk divergent learners and present alternative instructional methods and strategies to meet the needs of this population.

This program will present a new focus for educators, new methods for delivery of instruction in the classroom, use of e-mail communication and Internet research, program designs by students, peer support groups, and joint projects for action research. Action research is defined “as the process of studying a real school or classroom situation to understand and improve the quality of actions or instruction” (Johnson, A. [2008]. A short guide to action research [3rd ed.]. Boston: Pearson. p. 28).

A major component of this program is scholarly writing. Students in the program are expected to adhere to the fundamentals of scholarly writing. The following links should provide useful information to guide you on your scholarly writing journey.
The following documents and Web sites will be helpful as you progress through the Divergent Learning program.

General Information

Guidance with APA Style

English Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage