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When to Refer to Counseling Services

At times, everyone feels stressed out, depressed, anxious, angry, confused.  Often a good friend can help.  But, there are times when these problems do not go away or they become overwhelming.  During these times, seeking professional help and/or counseling is probably a good idea.

Signs of Student Distress

  • Talking or thinking about suicide
  • Engaging in self-destructive behaviors
  • Abusive/dangerous relationship (sexually, emotionally, physically)
  • Drinking excessively and often,  taking harmful drugs
  • Physical changes in eating, sleeping, grooming, energy level
  • Sudden changes in academic performance—absences, poor work, disruptive behaviors, writing on themes of distress, low motivation or concentration
  • Feeling hopeless and helpless or dramatic mood swings
  • So anxious, afraid or depressed that everyday activities and relationships are affected
  • Overreactions to mistakes, criticisms life events
  • Bizarre, strange, erratic and obviously inappropriate behavior
  • Extreme dependency or low self-esteem
  • Withdrawal, isolation
  • Poor or destructive anger management or aggression
  • Inability to make necessary decisions; seems stuck
  • Experiencing a crisis or stressful event, e.g. death of family or friend, divorce, break-up of serious relationship, serious illness

How to Refer to Counseling Services

If appropriate, speak with the student in private, show and express your concern, listen carefully and suggest that they call Counseling Services to make an appointment.  Offer your phone to encourage the first step.  If they resist help, you may want to call the Director to discuss your concerns. 
If the student’s behavior seems especially out of control, bizarre or even dangerous, you may want to first call CCPD. 
A faculty, staff, student or family member may seek confidential consultation regarding a student concern.  Call the Director of Counseling Services at 786-3603. 

You can easily see real-time availability and schedule your appointment at

Referrals for Off-Campus Therapy and or Treatment
If problems exceed the scope of the Counseling Service’s short-term counseling focus or if specialized therapy is indicated, every reasonable effort will be made to find a referral source in the community; any costs are the responsibility of the student.