Calculating Grade Point Ratio


Numerical values called grade points are assigned to each letter grade as indicated in the grading system below. To figure the GPR:

  1. Compute the grade points earned in a course by multiplying the appropriate grade point value by the number of semester hours credit assigned to the course. (e.g., a grade of “B” in a 3 credit course would be worth 3 s.h. x 3 g.p. = 9 grade points.)
  2. Divide the total grade points earned by the total semester hours attempted.

**NOTE – Credit earned at other institutions and courses taken on a pass/fail basis are not used in calculating the GPR.


Grading System

Grade / Grade Points

A: 4

B+: 3.5

B: 3

C+: 2.5

C: 2

D: 1

F: 0

FA: 0

I: 0

W: 0

WP: 0 *

* WP – Attempted hours do not count.