Meet Our Staff

Dr. Allan Nail
Director of the Academic Skills Center, Assistant Professor of English

Often we view writing as an art, and so it is:  writing can reveal truths and beauty in powerful and moving ways.  Yet it is also a skill that does not develop without help.  In this way, writing is a social act that benefits from the input of others.  This is how I view the ASC– as a venue for interaction in writing, a dialog between writers of different strengths and abilities, that contributes to the development of all participants.

Kara Anderson (Writing)

Kara Anderson, the fifth of six children, was born and raised on green Tennessee hills, deep in the thick of the Cherokee National Forest. Though she does not have a Southern accent, her roots are evidenced through her love for fried chicken. A sophomore Writing for Print and Digital Media major, Kara hopes to use her skills to connect people and share their stories. She loves cats and things about cats. She spends her time listening to doo-wop, eating candy, writing postcards, traveling with her sisters, being a CC athlete, journaling, drumming, drinking coffee, seeing live music and photographing people.



Keyerra Anderson (Spanish)

Keyerra Anderson is a sophomore Spanish major and Applied Computing minor. She graduated from Richland Northeast High School in Columbia, SC in 2014. While attending RNE Keyerra was a member of both the Horizon and Palmetto Center for the Arts magnet programs. She was a part of the lacrosse team, and the high school Kiwanis’ club. She was inducted in the RNE chapter of both the National Honor Association and National Spanish Honor Association. Transitioning to college, Keyerra continued with lacrosse at the collegiate level. She plans on working to help communities after graduating from CC and after graduate school.



Miranda Brown (Spanish)

Miranda is a sophomore majoring in behavioral science and minoring in Spanish. She is a member of the Columbia College tennis team. While tennis is her first love, Miranda also likes soccer, badminton, and ice skating. Some of her other hobbies include reading, hiking, PS2, tennis, and binge watching Netflix. The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, AHS, and Criminal Minds are some of her favorite television shows. In her spare time she also volunteers with local animal shelters and soup kitchens. After graduation, she plans to go through Officer Candidate School to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps.



Sam Cely (Writing)

Samantha Cely is a Junior English Major. As well as working at the ASC, she works at the Pearce Lab as a speech tutor. She is an active member of the Honors program and the historian for EMS. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in goblin wrangling and dragon taming. If that fails, she would like to work in a library. She has been described as being little but fierce. Samantha loves stories – the more heroic and fantastical the better. Watching foreign soap operas is a simple pleasures of hers and her current goal is to learn French.



Caitlyn Duffy (Spanish)

Caitlyn Duffy is a double major in Spanish and the Pathologic Studies of Speech and Language from Spartanburg, SC. She works as a Spanish tutor for the ASC where she inspires her peers to cultivate their skills in the language. Her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, and if she were a Hogwarts student, she would belong to the same house as Hermione Granger. In her free time, Caitlyn likes to learn about different cultures and play guitar and piano. She is also an amateur soprano vocalist. In the future, she hopes to become a certified bilingual speech-language pathologist.  



Ljubitca Fadic (Writing)

Ljubitca Fadic was born in Ecuador, but moved to the United States with her parents and brother at the age of eight. She is a junior at Columbia College majoring in Biologia and minoring in Spanish, but does not know what she wants to do after graduation. In addition to being part of the ASC team, she is the Vice President for Estamos Unidas Latina Student Association and the Junior Representative for the Honors Program. During her free time, Ljubitca likes to cuddle with cute dogs, go on road trips, watch interesting documentaries, and have meaningful conversations with loved ones.



Brynna Gregg (Writing)

Brynna Gregg is a Sophomore English major from Orcas Island, Washington. When Brynna isn’t in school she is either backpacking or wishing she were. She is vegan and likes plants, mindfulness, rain, gems and minerals—one might call her a hippie. Brynna is also an art minor who is interested in public art organizations, writing grants for artists, and helping communities through the arts. Her dream job is to be the director of a small film festival. She loves watching and learning about people, and is fond of authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald who reveal the common threads of humankind.



Laura Maurer (Writing)

People call her Laura Maurer. She came to Columbia College with the interest of becoming a speech therapist in the future. She is pursuing a degree in that program here at the college. She also plays on the Columbia College golf team. This is her third semester being a writing consultant and classroom partner in the Academic Skill Center. The part of the position in the Academic Skill Center she loves the most is helping students find their strengths in writing. She also likes the atmosphere of fun and acceptance we have created among the employees. Come check us out!



Jackie Mayorga (Spanish)

Meet one of the coolest Spanish tutors ever, Jacqueline Mayorga, it’s a long name so call her Jackie, she is a senior majoring in Español and Biología. She’s bilingual and loves to speak Spanglish. Jackie has worked as a Second Language tutor for about four semesters now. She dreams of becoming a PA, look it up, its one of those people who works with doctors, but isn’t a doctor, and does the same thing doctors do. She thinks its quite cool because she will be doing what she loves, helping people feel better and serving the underserved. She’s quite magnanimous.



Michaela McElveen (Writing)

Michaela was born in Columbia, South Carolina. She is a pre-medical student in the Bachelor of Science track. Following graduation, she would love to attend medical school, specialize in pediatrics, and save lives in impoverished areas. She began working at the ASC in the Fall of 2014 as a writing consultant. She is a McNair Scholar and serves as chair of the Columbia College Honors Executive Board. Outside of her chief academic concentrations, she loves English literature and music. Her other interests include reading, singing, gardening, and occasional swing dancing. Three adjectives that describe her are optimistic, compassionate, and offbeat.


Sarah McGhee (Writing)

Sarah McGhee grew up in Greenwood, SC, and was homeschooled for much of her life.  After graduating from Greenwood High School in 2013, she came to Columbia College to pursue a degree in Dance Education.  In 2014, she began working as a Writing Consultant in the Academic Skills Center.  She is also a C’ster and a member of CCDC and the Columbia College chapter of the National Dance Education Organization.  During her summers, she relishes participating in mission trips to Guatemala where she hopes to teach in the future. Sarah also likes to read, cuddle with her dog, and hike.



Micah Tew (Writing)

Micah Tew is from a small town called Lehigh Acres, Florida. Back home Micah has a wide variety of pets including six horses, many chickens, a calf named Roy, and a pig named Piglet. She transferred to Columbia College as a junior from her previous school, Broward College in Davie, Florida. Micah is a pitcher on the softball team here at Columbia College as a senior. She is a Public Health Science major and plans on attending graduate school to become a pediatric physical therapist. During her time off from school and softball Micah draws, reads, and spends time with friends and relatives.



Tiffany Tortorello (Writing)

Tiffany Tortorello, a sophomore student at Columbia College, is from the state most well known as the Big Apple. Her favorite color is blue, but she also likes purple. She has multiple siblings including two older brothers and one little sister. She is a behavioral science major with a computer information science minor, interests that she hopes further her future plans in criminal justice. She hopes to finish school and go into the FBI. While school remains an integral part of her life, in her free time she is committed to watching, training, and competing on her college’s Lacrosse team.



Jessie Wagoner (Writing)

Jessie Wagoner is a senior Writing for Print and Digital Media major and an aspiring television writer/ novelist.  She was born in Cowpens, South Carolina.  Jessie is returning to work in the ASC after an internship at Trustus Theatre in the Vista.  Jessie recommends that one sees a showing at Trustus Theatre if one has an extra 20 bucks.  She promises the popcorn is free and delicious.  Jessie’s hobbies are writing, reading, crafting, crocheting, Netflix marathoning, and singing with Adelle in her Jeep.  Her interests are art, design, Shakespearean insults, chronicling all her experiences for her future novel, and dinosaurs.



Bonnie Willis (Writing, French)

Bonnie Willis is a junior majoring in English and French. She hopes to obtain a doctorate in linguistics and devote her life to observing and working with languages and cultures. Bonnie loves working with students on their writing and on their French skills. Her favorite part of tutoring is seeing how students make personal connections to their work. She has two pets: a Shih Tzu named Fefe and a ferret named Tuxedo, who often steals her socks and wallet. Her hobbies include drinking coffee, drinking more coffee, reading, travelling, and writing. She lives in the ASC; look for her there.



Sydni Wilson (Writing)

Sydni Wilson is a senior Writing for Print & Digital Media major. She is from Greer, South Carolina, although she has lived all over South Carolina. In 2012, she graduated from South Carolina Virtual Charter School. Once she graduates, she hopes to work as a social media consultant or an editor. In her free time, she likes spending time with her dogs, going on road trips, watching soccer and basketball, and learning about dinosaurs and reptiles. Sydni has mixed feelings about the Oxford comma, as she sees its value, but is used to writing in AP format which omits it.