Writing, Grammar, and Study Skills

Writing Skills Development

Individual Consultations—The ASC employs the best student writers on campus to assist with writing problems, and several faculty members also work with students. During appointment sessions, writing consultants help with anything from thinking of a topic to editing, so bring a draft or just an idea for a paper to the Center for helpful suggestions or intensive one-on-one instruction.

Whether you are writing a paper for history, English, LA 101, or any other course on campus, the Academic Skills Center provides help from either a peer or a professional writing consultant.  Simply by signing up on the schedule using TutorTrac, you can reserve appointments that suit your available time.  Our current hours can be viewed on the Schedule page, and all availability is listed on TutorTrac.

The ASC is a teaching/learning facility—not an editing facility.  We are not charged to “fix” student papers; rather, we are charged with teaching students how to improve their own papers.  Therefore, we will work with you to help you develop your writing abilities and build your confidence so that you can apply new skills and work independently.  We are, first and foremost, concerned with the content, organization, and development of your paper, so it is difficult to help you with editing until the substance of the paper is acceptable.  Drop in when the Center is open to see whether a writing consultant is available, or set up an appointment.   


If you are continuing to make the same grammar errors in your written coursework, come to the Academic Skills Center for individualized study—or sign up for one of our Workshops—on the grammar errors that plague your papers.  We have many techniques for assisting students with understanding run-ons, comma splices, fragments, pronoun antecedents, pronoun case, subject-verb disagreement, and comma usage.  We can design a Writing Consultation Plan tailored to meet your needs.  

Study Skills Development

Individualized Study Skills Counseling: Individual study-skill counseling is available. If you want to learn how to manage your time, study for tests, take notes, and develop other skills, we will do our best to help.  Sometimes we can tailor this counseling to courses in which you are having difficulty.  We try to help you learn to manage your time, study for tests, take notes, and develop other skills.

Standardized Tests: If you want to practice for the Praxis I, GREs, LSAT, or other standardized tests, the ASC can give you that practice.  We have several books that you can use within the Center, and we can go over answers that give you trouble.

Praxis: In the ASC, you may take sample reading and grammar tests with answers.  Writing consultants can help if you have any problems with these tests and can also assign writing topics for you to develop under time constraints.  Writing consultants can then critique your writing sample.

Study books for Praxis I are available for use ONLY in the ASC.

Other Standardized Tests: We also have study materials for some other professional exams (i.e., LSAT, GRE). Check with the writing consultants for further information.