OCL Courses

HB 701 Conflict Management and Negotiation – 3 semester hours
Conflict is a normal and expected occurrence in all organizations. Today’s leader must understand the sources of conflict and the best methods for managing or resolving conflict.

HB 708 Change and Innovation in Organizations – 3 semester hours
Understand and accommodate change and the resistance that often accompanies it. The need for innovation is critical with ever changing technology and ideas to give the organization a competitive advantage.

HB 715 Informed Decision Making through Research – 3 semester hours
Making sound decisions based on reliable, accurate and timely information and data is crucial in today’s environment.

HB 721 Leadership Theory and Practice – 3 semester hours
Leadership theory and practice explores models and theories and how they can be applied to the student’s current position and how they can assist the student in attaining his/her future goals.

HB 731 Individual Psychology – 3 semester hours
How the individual leader finds congruence between his/her self-concept, personal values and the organization’s mission is necessary for success and involves reflection and self-examination.

HB 735 Ethical Behavior in Leadership – 3 semester hours
Lessons from the past decade have taught us that leadership cannot exist without sound ethics and ethical behavior. Individual and organizational ethics must be examined and understood in the proper context. Ethics are the cornerstone of organizational leadership today.

HB 741 Organizational Theory and Behavior – 3 semester hours
Examining organizational theory and behavior to gain insight into how organizations function, operate, and change over time.

HB 764 Group Process – 3 semester hours
Leading a cross cultural and global workforce presents unique challenges that require an understanding of group dynamics to lead effectively and guide actions that accomplish goals and sustain participation across the organization.

HB 790 Graduate Seminar – 3 semester hours
Review and presentation of current and emerging topics in organizational change and leadership and their implications for leaders and their organizations.


HB 770 Internship – 3 semester hours
***the internship can be completed at current place of employment
An internship in the final semester provides students the opportunity to work in organizations of related interest and to further practice the skills learned in the program. The internship can also be used to develop a project to explore an area of particular interest.