Gender and Women’s Studies

Mission Statement

The interdisciplinary minor offered through the Gender and Women’s Studies program at Columbia College encourages students to recognize how gender and women’s studies in theory and in practice serve as powerful tools toward social transformation, on both a local and global scale. As its curriculum demonstrates, the program brings the question of gender formation to the forefront of critical interdisciplinary investigations through the combination of academic study and experiential learning. Gender as it intersects with other crucial components of identity construction—such as sexuality, ethnicity, class, nationality, religion and age—is explored through such differing and yet complementary perspectives as literature, sociology, psychology, philosophy, history, political science, art, and dance, to name only a few.

The Minor in Women’s Studies at Columbia College (16 semester hours), required courses:

  • Gender and Women’s Studies 300 (GWS 300)
  • Gender and Women’s Studies 399 Leadership Semester (1 semester hour)

Electives (12 semester hours) chosen from the following:

  • Art 364, History of Art: Women Artists
  • Communication 360, Gender and Communication
  • English 340, American Women Writers
  • English 355, British Women Writers
  • French 451, Women in French Literature
  • History 215, The American Woman
  • History 340, American Women Leaders
  • History 405, Women in the Third World
  • History 435, Women in European History
  • LA 201, Sophomore Seminar
  • LA 301, Women, Leadership and Social Change
  • Philosophy 200, Women and Philosophy
  • Political Science 201, Women, Leadership, and Public Policy
  • Political Science 350, Women and Politics
  • Political Science 405, Women of the Third World
  • Psychology/Sociology 235, Psychology and Sociology of Gender
  • Psychology 210, Psychology of Sexual Behavior
  • Religion 255, Women and Religion
  • Spanish 451, Hispanic Women Writers
  • OR courses approved by the Directors of the Gender and Women’s Studies Program

Importance of a minor in GWS

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the GWS minor complements many majors and provides essential background knowledge for careers across the domains, for example counseling, healthcare, law, medicine, and business. Minors in GWS have the opportunity to apply for and receive several awards and scholarships. 

Important Dates

  • March: Women’s History Month events, X.J. Honeycutt and Shirley Presentations at Columbia College
  • March 18th: CC Monologues
  • March: USC Women’s and Gender Studies Conference
  • March 27-29: SEWSA Conference

Financial Aid

Each year the Gender and Women’s Studies Program administers two prestigious awards, the X. J. Honeycutt Award and the Paula Shirley Research Award, each for the amount of $500. Travel grants are also available.

Contact Dr. Mann or Dr. Hahn below for more information.

Contact Us

Dr. Corinne (Coco) Mann
Allison 213