Teacher Cadet Program


What is a Teacher Cadet?

The Teacher Cadet Program is designed to encourage academically abled high school students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career.

An important secondary goal of the Program is to provide these talented future community leaders with insights about teachers and schools so that they will become civic advocates of education.

As a college partner, Columbia College supports the programs through teaching opportunities, guest speakers, an introduction to the college admission and financial aid process, a Student for a Day experience on our campus as well as SURCIES (a Columbia College tradition).

Visit http://teachercadets.com/ to learn more about the South CarolinaTeacher Cadets Program.

If you would like to apply to become a Teacher Cadet, follow this link to the online application. 

Top Ten Reasons to be a Teacher Cadet:

10. Experience the profession

9. Experience the classroom

8. Learn about the hsitory and trends of education

7. Hands-on activities

6. Interact with administrators, teachers and students

5. Develop a professional portfolio

4. Internship credit in district schools

3. Dual credit / A.P. weighted course

2. Become a South Carolina educator

1. Make a difference in the lives of South Carolina’s students

2016-2017 School Partners

C. A. Johnson High School
Instructor: Juanita Wilson

Camden High School
Instructor: Elena Gatson

Dutch Fork High School 
Instructor: Carol Jackson 

North Central High School 
Instructor: Cynthia Hingle 

River Bluff High School  
Instructor: Catherine Higginbotham & Claire Compton 

Spring Hill High School 
Instructor: ReBecca Gilliam

Swansea High School 
Instructor: Dan Teater

White Knoll High School 
Instructor: Jill Hnat