Study Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the most valuable experiences that you can have during your college years.

Columbia College offers summer sessions and semester study programs at The Centre International D’Etudes Francaises in Angers, France, and The University of Salamanca in Spain and summer sessions in Cuernavaca, Mexico for students particularly interested in language studies.

Students can fulfill their foreign language requirement over a summer visit, or spend a semester becoming more fluent in their chosen language and familiar with the culture.

All financial aid and scholarships from Columbia College may apply to study at the University of Angers and the University of Salamanca.

Study Tours and Other Opportunities

Columbia College also offers a variety of short study tours, intermediate, and semester abroad programs sponsored by various academic divisions and programs such as history and the honors program. Students even work with faculty to independently propose and plan a study-travel experience.

The Global Studies committee awards a Scholarship for Student Global Experience based on the available funds and number of applications to learn more please click here.

Why Study Abroad?

Students choose to study abroad for a wide variety of reasons. Your goal may be to learn a new language, experience another culture, or simply to have fun. The list of benefits is lengthy, but here are a few:

  • Increased fluency in another language
  • Appreciation for the culture and people of another country
  • Gaining a global perspective
  • Enhanced career opportunities
  • Self-confidence and a sense of independence

For more information about study abroad for languages at Columbia College, contact the Division of Languages and Literatures French & Spanish Programs at 803.786.3726.