Special Education

“Delivering The Promise”

Public education is about students and their learning and this includes every student. For those with identified special needs and exceptionalities, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) defines special education as “a free and appropriate education, which emphasizes special education and related services, designed to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.” This is a promise that every child will learn in our public schools.

Are You Ready to Deliver On The Promise? If so, Become a Special Educator!

Special educators have the responsibility to ensure that this promise is delivered. Graduates of the Columbia College Special Education program demonstrate mastery of national standards for beginning teachers. In addition to the Multi-categorical program, candidates complete the coursework for certification in Elementary Education during their required program (additional coursework for other certification areas is also available). This expands both candidate knowledge and marketability. In addition to a strong knowledge base, our candidates are caring, committed professionals ready to making a difference in children’s lives through the use of innovative and individualized instruction. Does this sound like you? Read on!

The Special Education Program at Columbia College: “Don’t Dis Our Abilities!”

Columbia College is committed to preparing candidates to deliver on the promise as Collaborative Professionals ready to lead in the field of Special Education.
Graduates of the program will be educators who embody the knowledge, skills and dispositions as dedicated professionals committed to working with others to provide a quality education for all students. Graduates will be prepared to teach in pre-k, elementary, middle and secondary programs for students with mild to moderate disabilities as well as general elementary classroom settings in the state of South Carolina. With a 100% job placement rate over the last two years, the quality of our program speaks for itself. We want to make sure that no one will “dis our abilities” or those of our students!

Come and join us and let us put you on the path to becoming a teacher leader in Special Education!

For more information on the Special Education Program at Columbia College or to schedule a visit please contact Dr. Tracy West, Program Leader, at 803-786-3320 or twest@nullcolumbiasc.edu or Dr. Amanda Stefanski, astefanski@nullcolumbiasc.edu.