Model United Nations

Columbia College delegates for the conference are Nebal AbuAbdo, Temiloluwa Adeyemi, Peyton Davis, Destine Hicks, Issa Layal, Alexandria Jones, Brittnay Manigo, Brandielee Marendo, Kamayah Porter, Jasmine Smith, and Melanie Schramm Sturkie.

Columbia College delegates (Egypt) for the 2016 Model UN Conference in Atlanta: Nebal AbuAbdo, Temiloluwa Adeyemi, Peighton Davis, Destine Hicks, Issa Layal, Alexandria Jones, Brittnay Manigo, Brandielee Marendo, Kamayah Porter, Jasmine Smith, and Melanie Schramm Sturkie.

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Since 2007 our Model U.N. program has offered the a unique educational and leadership opportunity for students who participate annual American Model UN Conference, the third week in November, held in Chicago Il.

Being a Model U.N. Delegate

Delegates are fundamental to the Model UN Conference. A delegate’s job is to:

  • Research the positions of a UN Member State, both on specific topics that will be discussed and as a general overview of that nation’s policies.
  • Be ready to discuss the issues with their counterparts and to prepare draft resolutions, or other documents based on the specifics of each simulation, which codify solutions to the problems.
  • Be ready to submit those resolutions for debate at the Conference.
  • Attend the Conference to represent their nation in discussing the various issues presented.
  • Be ready to assume the role of the Distinguished Representative from their country, with all the rights and responsibilities which that entails, when they reach the floor of the Model UN Conference.
  • To seek solutions to the problems facing the world community, achieve consensus on issues, showing solidarity and strong support for decisions made, striving for universal agreement on resolutions, and above all, show Leadership in Action!

However, before a student can attend the conference, she must be enrolled in the Model UN course.

The Model UN (POSC 265) at Columbia College

The Model UN course POSC 265, is designed to provide an orientation to the activities of the United Nations, as well as providing an understanding of the modalities of international diplomacy. This course will include current events, pressing international issues, the basics of international law and some of the protocol and procedures of diplomacy. All of this will assist the students in preparing for their roles as distinguished diplomats at the National Model United Nations conference while providing the tools necessary for future leaders.

This course will have heavy emphasis on practical experience and specific tasks, associated with our Model UN representative country for that year. Students are expected to attend all class sessions which will be viewed as training workshops which cannot be made up. While in attendance, students will participate actively in discussions and various simulations and activities.

Some of these activities will be:

  • Oral presentations
  • Position papers
  • Background knowledge of our Model UN country
  • Preparing fact sheets
  • Preparing for the presentation(s) in the General Assembly and various committees
  • Blogging and adding to Model UN at Columbia College Facebook page

Ultimately, the goal of this course is to prepare each student to be comfortable in their role as student-diplomat and allow each person to distinguish themselves at the Model UN conference as a “Leader of Tomorrow.”