Mathematics and Computing

Women’s College

Mathematics (B.A., B.S., with Teaching Certification; Minor)

Computer and Information Science (B.A., B.S., with Information and Computer Science Concentrations; Minor)

Evening Program

Computer and Information Science (B.A., B.S., with an Information Science Concentration; Minor)

The Mathematics and Computing programs are led by five full-time faculty and several adjunct instructors. The programs strive to prepare majors for success in their future careers in industry, business, education, or in their pursuit of a graduate degree. Mathematics majors at Columbia College have gone into various areas of graduate study, including mathematics, computer science, education, law, and audiology. Graduates who have certified to teach are highly sought after as mathematics teachers in school districts both in South Carolina and beyond.

Columbia College’s commitment to integrating technology into a liberal arts curriculum is particularly beneficial for students majoring in Mathematics and Computing. Program offices are located in the Barbara Bush Center for Science and Technology. The Center features a computer lab where students can access personal storage drives. Numerous classrooms are equipped with instructional technology that allows students and faculty to present information in a variety of ways.

Teaching Philosophy

Our faculty believe in a philosophy of teaching that values collaborative and individual work, the application and use of technology, and modeling of real phenomena. All classes provide opportunities for students to work together to develop their skills of communication and collaboration that are in great demand in today’s workplace.
The programs embrace the use of technology in all courses to enhance students’ understanding of complex principles. Faculty members believe that modeling authentic data makes the application of difficult concepts readily accessible to students.
Individual independent study courses are also offered as needed by our students. In addition, a required capstone course–Historical Topics Seminar, taken during the senior year–provides students with the opportunity to investigate the history and development of certain mathematical ideas.