Business, Math and Sciences Tutoring Center


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The Business, Math and Sciences Tutoring Center serves as a vital resource for Columbia College students. It provides a supportive learning environment for students who need assistance outside the classroom in lower level Biology, Business, Chemistry, CIS and Mathematics courses. The center is located in room 126 of the Barbara Bush Center for Science and Technology.

Student tutors are available to assist both Women’s College and Evening College students for numerous hours during the week, including evening and some weekend hours. The center also provides access to computers, calculators and other resource materials for student use while in the lab. A majority of the tutors majors or minors in the classes they tutor. 

Business, Math and Sciences Tutors will:

  • Work with you to help you grasp the concepts
  • Take the time to explore your concerns about the assignment
  • Help you with test preparation, study skills, and math anxiety
  • Review and explain concepts and theories

Business, Math and Sciences Tutors will NOT:

  • Correct your assignment
  • Complete the assignment for you
  • Help with take home or online exams or quizzes
  • Teach you new material, teaching is done by the talented Columbia College business,math and science faculty

Best Approach to Using the Business, Math and Sciences Tutoring Center

  • Work out problems before asking for help.  If the tutors can see your work, they will be better able to help you find mistakes.
  • Be prepared. Attend all classes, read assigned materials and complete or attempt homework.
  • Actively Participate. You should be doing most of the talking. Ask questions – the goal is for you to be able to solve the problems when the tutor is not there.
  • Bring important materials – textbooks, class notes, pencils, calculator, syllabus 
  • Don’t wait until the last minute before a test to get help!  The center is open six days a week, with evening hours!
  • There are computers in the center.  The tutors in the center are only part of the resources available.  You may go in there just to do homework.  (It doesn’t hurt that someone would be available to help).
  • Meet in groups.  Have friends from your class or other sections of the same class meet you in the center to work together.
  • If you go to the center once and you aren’t too impressed, try it again.  Some tutors will click with you and your learning style – some won’t.  The tutors’ schedules are posted outside BSC 126 and below. 



If you would like to make an appointment, click on the link above and sign-up. We offer 30-minute appointments Monday through Friday and Sunday afternoons. If you need additional help from a tutor for more than the duration of your session, we will be happy to continue working with you, if no one else has signed up after you. We also welcome you to drop-in at anytime during our regular hours. If no other student has scheduled an appointment, we would be happy to work with you.

If you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, we request that you do so via TutorTrac.  Appointments must be canceled at least one hour prior, or they will register as a “no-show.”  After three “no-shows,” TutorTrac will automatically prevent you from making any additional appointments and you will need to see Dr. Virginia Johnson, Business, Math and Sciences Tutoring Center Director (BSC 144) to schedule an appointment. We want to help as many students as possible. Please realize that if you do not come for your scheduled time, you prevent another student from receiving assistance.

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Times are also posted outside BSC 126 and on TutorTrac. 

Sundays – 2pm – 5pm      (Business Finance, Math and General Chemistry)

Mondays – 8:30am – 2pm and 3pm – 8pm

Tuesdays – 9am – 8pm

Wednesdays –  8am – 9am, 10am – 6pm and 7pm – 8pm

Thursdays –  8am – 3pm and 4pm – 8pm

Fridays –  8am – 1pm



If you would like to request private tutoring, please email with your name, contact number and grade/subject needed. A tutor will contact you to make arrangements. 

We also encourage you to visit with your professors during their posted office hours for additional assistance. 

 Visit us on Facebookto stay abreast of workshops, events and other goings-on in the center and the Division of Business, Math and Sciences.

If you would like to work in the Business, Math and Sciences Tutoring Center, please complete the following form:  Tutor/Classroom Partner Application