Leadership Studies

Interested in earning a unique credential that will put you one step ahead of the competition? Contact us for information on our new Leadership Studies Minor. This Minor is the perfect complement to any major field of study and is largely self-designed. 
Vision Statement
Cultivating Women Leaders: One Voice at a Time
Mission Statement
To create a framework of opportunity for all students to experience intersections between their academic training and the principles and practices of effective leadership.

Columbia College offers a Minor in Leadership Studies which includes formal coursework and experiential learning. Areas of emphasis include historic and contemporary models of leadership, issues of social context, ethics, cultural and self-awareness, critical thinking, decision-making, strategic planning, group communication, and an understanding of the social importance of service.

The requirements for a Minor in Leadership Studies includes 16 hours of coursework as outlined below.

Required Courses (10 semester hours)

  • LEAD 101: Leadership in Context (1 s.h., offered Spring Semesters)
    • Students will be introduced to the real-world practice of leadership in a particular career context. Content will focus on personal and professional leadership skills and behaviors necessary for career success.
  • LA 201: The Sophomore Experience: Gender, Diversity & Social Justice (3 s.h.)
    • This course is already required of students, and offers a range of perspectives on the work, class, and lives of women and men in our local, national and global communities. 
  • LA 301: Women, Leadership, & Social Change (3 s.h.)
    • This course is an introduction to the study of women as leaders and agents of social change. Students design a Service Project based on their interests and expertise as part of this course.
  • LEAD 401LS: Leadership in Action (3 s.h., capstone Leadership Semester)
    • In this capstone course, students will have the opportunity to implement their LA 301 Service Projects or tackle another experiential community initiative.
    • Students select two courses based on their major, personal goals and interests (these courses must be approved prior to completion).

Elective Courses (6 semester hours)

* Proposals to count other courses for elective credit will be considered by the Director of Leadership Studies, but only prior to enrolling in the course.

“Just thought you should know, I am about to start a new AMAZING job. And the reason I got it…my leadership minor!!! [They] Said it was one of the most surprising and impressive things they’ve ever seen on a résumé!”

-Meagan Stone
Columbia College Graduate 2012

For more information, contact:

Tamara L. Burk, Ph.D.
Director of Leadership Studies