Leadership in Art

Philosophy of Leadership

The disciplines of art and art history actively integrate a learning model of leadership into the curriculum. When students create, analyze, and interpret artworks they begin to understand their power as a means of communication. The art classroom is an ideal environment to practice leadership skills because it requires students to articulate their unique points-of-view as artists and critics.

Art Courses

Art course descriptions and content have been designed to emphasize the Four C's–Courage, Commitment, Confidence, and Competence–as students are encouraged to develop studio and scholarly skills, explore and discover new ideas, find their voice to engage in meaningful personal expression, and collaborate with faculty mentors and peers. Steps outlined in the Four C's are a natural fit for the sequential and incremental manner in which students work within the major curriculum.

Alpha Beta Tau

Alpha Beta Tau provides every art major, art minor, and student taking an art course with a variety of opportunities to develop leadership skills. Potential service learning opportunities through Alpha Beta Tau may include work on committees, participation in ongoing student exhibits in Edens Library, development of fundraisers, help with service learning opportunities, and assistance with a quality exhibition program in Goodall Gallery.

Leadership Semesters

To enroll for a Leadership Semester in Art, students should co-enroll for Art 399LS (Art Leadership Semester) along with any of the following courses:

  • Art 360. Art History through Travel
  • Art 361. Issues in Contemporary Art
  • Art 364. History of Art: Women Artists
  • Art 366. History of Art: African-American Artists
  • Art 370. Exhibition/Preparator Internship
  • Art 370. Graphic Design Internship
  • Art 370. Museology Internship
  • Art 370. Photography Internship
  • Art 370. Studio Internship
  • Art 495. Senior Exhibit

All Leadership Semesters in Art provide practical and theoretical experiences in leadership as applied to the disciplines of visual art or art history. Art 399LS and all internships may be repeated for credit multiple times.