Honors Program FAQ

1. What are the requirements for admission into the Honors Program?

There are no set requirements for admission into the program, but the typical Honors student has an SAT over 1200 (verbal and math), is in the top 10% of her class, and has a GPA above 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.

2. What factors help acceptance into the program?

GPA, a history of Honors/AP/IB classes, class rank, SAT/ACT scores, leadership experience, extracurricular activities, and the application essay are all considered in the application process. Specifically, the ability to write clearly and effectively is a characteristic of successful Honors students. As such, the application essay is often the deciding factor; therefore, students must compose thoughtfully and edit rigorously before submitting the essay.

3. How can I obtain a copy of the application? How should I submit my application?

The application is available online, via email, or in person at the office. Delivery of the completed application by either email or postal service is acceptable.

4. Is admission to the Honors Program highly competitive? And, if I’m not accepted, can I reapply?

Yes, admission is competitive. Therefore, students are encouraged to apply early. Non-accepted students are encouraged to reapply after a semester or two at the college.

5. Can I be removed from the Honors Program?

Yes. An Honors student who falls below the required 3.4 GPA is placed on one semester of academic probation. If the GPA requirement is not met after the probationary semester, the student is withdrawn from the Program. If the student obtains the required GPA at a later date, she may reapply for admission.

6. What kind of classes does the Honors Program offer? Are they harder than regular classes? Do they have a different grading scale?

Honors classes are offered in a variety of disciplines and often fulfill General Education requirements. They are designed to challenge students to think critically and learn in deeper, richer ways without necessarily adding more work. Grading scales for classes vary among disciplines; Honors classes adhere to the grading scale established for an equivalent non-Honors course.

7. How big are Honors classes, and where are they held?

Honors classes are typically smaller than other classes and are held in the same buildings as other classes on campus; there is no separate building for Honors courses.

8. Who teaches Honors courses?

The Honors Program utilizes faculty from numerous disciplines. To see a list of many recent faculty, click here.

9. If I have two majors, will I still be able to complete the Honors Program?

Yes. It is possible for students to double major and/or double minor in the program.

10. What are the requirements to graduate with Honors (cum honore)? 

Students graduating with Honors have maintained a minimum GPA of 3.4 and have taken both HON 490 (Senior Seminar) and HON 498 (Honors Project) as part of their minimum 24 semester hours of Honors credit. This translates to roughly one Honors class per semester. Graduating classes vary in size.

11. What is the Honors Choice option? 

The Honors Choice option is a contract with a professor to receive Honors credit for a non-Honors course by fulfilling agreed-upon requirements. More information can be found here. The contract can be found here. Examples of previous Honors Choice Contracts can be found here.

12. Can a non-Honors student take an Honors course?

Yes, a non-Honors student may take an Honors course if she meets specific criteria set forth by the Honors Committee. Such students should come by the office for more information.

13. Are there off-campus opportunities for Honors students?

Honors students partake in off-campus activities such as conferences, study abroad, internships, and volunteer activities. Opportunities abound. Questions about specific opportunities should be discussed with the Director.

14. If I study abroad, could any of my courses transfer for Honors credit? 

Yes. Arrangements must be made in advance and should be discussed with the Director of Honors.

15. What is the Honors Student Association, and what do they do? How can I join?

The Honors Student Association (HSA) is the campus organization designed for and run by Honors students. HSA typically meets once a month in the Honors Program/CLC (Edens Library, 3rd floor) room. The activities of HSA are numerous and varied.

16. Whom should I contact if I have any other questions? 

Additional questions can be directed to the Office Assistants via phone (803-786-3589) or email (cchonors@nullcolumbiasc.edu).