French and Spanish

Women's College

Spanish (BA)

French (Minor)

There is an urgent need for college graduates with language skills in international affairs, business, industry, communications, government, social services, teaching, and many other fields. Columbia College provides an outstanding educational experience for future language teachers and language-related professionals. Language majors at Columbia College have abundant opportunities to develop their skills in French or Spanish and to gain an understanding of the diversity of their respective cultures within a global context.

The French and Spanish programs help students develop communication skills and cultural competence in order to prepare them for careers and an active life in the global community. The comprehensive major in Spanish and minor in French adhere to the State and National Standards established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Graduates have marketable skills that lead them into such fields as business, public affairs, and community service. Many students go into graduate programs and professional schools to pursue teacher certification, or to continue with advanced studies in literature or law. Many of our graduates are hired for their second-language abilities.

The need for educated professionals with strong foreign language skills has taken on great importance in South Carolina as the state’s demographics and economy change. The growth in the Hispanic population and the number of international companies based in the state drive demand for second-language speaking employees up. Columbia College language majors enjoy opportunities for full participation in a multicultural arena.

The program also offers study abroad opportunities in Angers, France, and Salamanca, Spain. Students may study for a semester or a summer session. Almost all majors have taken advantage of this experience and found it to be life-changing personally and an unmatched means of developing communicative and cultural competence. There is also a summer-only opportunity in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

You can find the program coordinators for French and Spanish on the second floor of the Allison building next to the Registrar.