English Program FAQs

Why Major in English?

Becoming an English Major will empower you to read and think critically, write clearly, and solve problems effectively. English Majors have an especially strong sense of how language works and how it is used in the world and are able to use this to the best of their advantage in the classroom and on the job. The Columbia College English Department encourages and supports students’ intellectual growth by supplementing a stimulating menu of classes with other unique learning opportunities such as trips to national and regional conferences.

Why Minor in English?

Minoring in English helps sharpen skills in other majors. For those who want a solid training in communication arts, The Columbia College English Department offers a full complement of writing courses beyond basic composition, including creative writing, writing for the media, technical writing, public relations, magazine feature writing, and courses in newspaper and journalism writing.

What can I do with an English major?

An English major prepares you for a career in these and many other fields: Law, Public Relations, Ministry, Business Administration, Professional Writing, Politics, Broadcasting, Journalism, Teaching, Counseling, and Advertising. For more information visit our Careers page.

What classes does the English Department offer?

English Major courses include basic composition, Writing and Journalism, American literature, British literature, world literature, mass communications, film as literature and drama, critical writing and an invigorating class on Shakespeare. Writing and Journalism classes include creative writing, writing for the media and public relations, magazine feature writing, newspaper journalism, and more. For a complete listing of English Majors Courses available visit the course catalog.

Who are the faculty members of the English department?

The Columbia College English Department is home to many accomplished professors who each specialize in a specific area such as Southern Literature, British Literature, Grammar, Shakespeare, etc. The English department faculty hold degrees from various universities, such as the University of Virginia, Duke University, the University of South Carolina, the University of North Carolina, Indiana University, and the University of Massachusetts. Several faculty members have published books and have won regional or national teaching awards.

How are you accepted as an English Major/Minor?

To be accepted as an English Major or Minor a student must have completed English 101 and 102 (or, if transferring in credit for 101 and 102, at least one English or Writing class at the 200 level or above), must have at least a C+ average, and must submit three self-written papers to be evaluated by the Columbia College English Department. The student must also have a professor write her a letter of recommendation. A file is made on the student and the English Department faculty reviews the student’s file and decides if the student has met the qualifications for an English Major. The student is informed of this decision by a letter in the mail.

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